tngel1nDistrust (due to previous record).vTo look, gaze, see.Béen wen tngel le kóm kem dumum.Don't do anything that others will look at (disrespect|you, he-, ke-, -em-.Yó nmò le, són mò le temngel blotik ke deng minal mwas, gunu le temngón du ke angat kmulón duhen mnóng kdaw.What they do is, they just look at the stars when daybreak is already showing through, and that is how they know if it will rain or be a sunny day.-en-.Monen mò ke Kdaw, "E Wè, nunungem dou ngau, okóm béem abay tenngel."(Moon) said to Sun, "O Friend, watch my child for me, but don't look at (him)."se-.synlénég 1énégtenngón 1tngóncfamad 1antaf 1binguy 1delem 1deles 2dengef 1duón 1énég 1hlunu 1tdélé 12vTo find out; to take care of.Tenngel ye kun tum alì slangat dlem.Find out what the screaming downstream is all about.-en-.Hol tenngelem kmoem.Really take care of yourself.synhénég 1froménég3nFull moon.Appendix 01 Phases of the moon

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