me1proWe, us, our exclusive (-e and -u sets).Mon Hnu, "Gotu senfatay me uu anì matayi."Turtle said, "We will all fight you so that you'll die."cfkum 1mi 12nFoolishness (something wrong with the mind).Là hyu stulón du wen mehen.It is no good to talk to him; he has foolishness.cfyol 1vTo have the spirit of foolishness.syngamaw 1sngót 1sondit 1cfbakà 1bo 2book 2méw 3mo 1motoy 1smet 1ukô 1ungel 13advSo, too.Uu tu tnaba le. Sudu ou du. Igoem uu. Sudu. Uu me!It is you they are calling. No, it's not. It is you. It's not. It is emph you!/It is so/to you!

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