kewetfromewet1nFine brass wire, finely coiled and made into tiny earrings.vTo put on, hook, attach, as tiny wires or chains.g-, h-, -m-, -n-, s-.2adjIntertwined, coiled around, as plants and weeds.-m-.Tey mgel kemlo lem hulu ke deng tahà yó kem kluon kmewet.It's hard to weed in the plants when the weeds are already tall and intertwined.-n-.3vFor a strand of something, as hair, to get tangled up in the throat.g-.Deng tô mlef yem ngà tey kegenen gkewet lem liholen balu wek.The child almost died because it was a long time that a strand of hair was tangled up in its throat.h-, s-.syngbeteng 1betenggfét 1fétvarskewet

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