lóbôvarhlóbôvTo have guts to do something.lóbô nawaw du.My breath has no guts for it.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.adjBrave, fierce, strong, hostile.Yó se kudà alì lóbô, yó se là mlóyen.The horse that is very fierce, he's the one that doesn't run away.Ke wen kun kteng yem sotu ne hnoken ta yem bigu, gel mon le tey lóbô.If someone pulls someone and he places his hand on the food basket, they always say he is brave.Sal gel mon le lóbô litóen yem tau gbeken monok kdumun, ne sotun ke tey mkél béléen ke wen ngaen.They always say a person has strong blood if he is able to kill another (person), also if his child is very much like him.Béem tnulón lóbô yem tau deng dê bnonoken se kun.Don't try to challenge the one who already murdered many (by telling him you murdered someone).bakù lóbôStrong tobacco. A certain type of tobacco that is taken only in small amounts because it is very strong.lóbô litôStrong blood.namak lóbôStrong chew, it has too much lime which burns the mouth.ninum lóbôStrong drink/wine.tmulón lóbôTo challenge by telling one's achievements or victory over daring deeds.

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