nayawfromayawvarngayawRoot refmnayawayawv(Of people) to raid at night, to kill and take things.g-, h-, hem-, hen-.Tehe knù mà be Kolon Binel tehe kegenen du mà, lemwót yem mà diu hennayawen yem dumun seway ne gentien bak tukô bè sol.When father was still alive and living at Kolon Binel, my uncle raided his wife's relative and shot him (with an arrow) through a hole.Ayaw tau menayaw ni gun mayaw tonok.It's a sign someone is out to kill that's why the ground is signing.k-, me-.Sok gel mengak onuk gel mon le wen tonen tau menayaw.When a chicken gives a warning, they always say it saw a person out to kill.sef-.Through the weather they can foretell trouble.cfhédéng 1hlilung 1lilunghlilung 2lilungholung 1olungotun 1ulof 1uluk 4uluk 5

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