d-varde-pfxThis prefix occurs with four location words that are used in relation to a higher or lower level. It adds the meaning of a distance relatively nearby.Deng sut se yê debwak.Mother has arrived in the lower area-nearby.Uni tuged gu leged, uni lumak gu debwak.There's the sound of a walking stick (coming) from upstream and the sound of a scabbard (coming) from nearby-downstream.Sok kifu suloyen buteng laen tungô tau slingun. Senged sbalà fi gu dlogi ne fi gu dlibun.When it's dark, all night long no one sleeps as singers sing back and forth. It's the same their answering each other from the near-man's side and from the near-woman's side.debwakNearby lower area.dlegedNearby higher area.

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