mavTo get or take some but not all, from a large quantity.Htólóng le se mò bnék, ne htólóng le se gunu le ma ken.They set some aside for rice seed, and they set apart that which they will take from for food.Géhél ye mifal kô geslà ye bulónen gel ma Ala.Immediately cross (the river); you might coincide with the month when Ala usually takes (away life).Laen gmoem sok bangen ma kóm hatay.There's nothing you can do when it's time for death to take you(r life away).Said of rainy season when the Allah River floods and sweeps away lives and destroys crops.cfdot 1na 1skot 1wa 1Mò tulón là ma.idiomAnything senseless said but worthy of a laugh.

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