tavarsenta1nUpper side of something; top of."E Sembilà, fen u mkaf du kut," mon Hnu, "anì fen tudaem do ke wen tógó nù ta.""Oh Sembilà, you be the one to climb for you and me," Turtle said, "so that you can be the one to throw to me if there are ripe ones there at the top."2advUp; to or toward a higher place; above; on top of; afterwards; during the time of.Ke gekteng logi se yem libun deng myehen, bud wen sentulón tahen.If a man pulls a married woman (to the food basket), again there will be a case to be settled afterwards.Angat wen lenangagem tahen yem tniba yó.There will be something you grieve about during the time of that (kaingin) field there.Ne sotuhen yem ngà boho udì ne wen hiiten, hensù le kluon tukô yem hiit, ne gtien eteta ebè sufaw yem tniba.Another thing (they do is take) the little bow and some arrows, put some weeds on the end of the arrow and shoot toward the top to the upper edge of the field.e-, ete-.Bè kmonen du sguk suku, tódô haway etta longit, gendaen yem mon Skukuk.Over the top; after that.At his saying my knife is crowded (has no space), the sky just ascended upward; it was angered by what Skukuk said.sen-.vargetasynte 1cfe- 1

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