tlesvarsetlesvTo exchange one thing for another; to redo, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.Sok kól bè sónen là keten, wen lukasen sotu, bud tenlesen, na bud néléken dumu kdaw.When he gets to the end of the planting ritual, if the kernels don't come out even and there's an extra one, he'll redo the procedure and again he'll choose another 1luluk 1advChange, trade-off.Yó lanen nim salaw slagi ni, lemwót yem tau mulu nalawen yem lewu bogul bè yem libun tolo le smagi, ne du bud tles smagi.The meaning of this grabbing of the gongs is that a person in the wedding party grabs the two clubs from the woman still playing the gongs and is the one trading off to play.

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