fétTagalog muthavargfét1nCyperus rotundus.Nut grass, a weed that is very strong and difficult to pull.syngbeteng 1frombetenggen 1cfblel 1ules 2Appendix 17-03 Weeds2nRope, string, anything that is used for tying.Dê se kul nuni sok le hligal, lumun heglung lewu féten.They play many instruments when they're happy, like the lute which has two strings.vTo tie something up, usually an animal, to keep in place.Hyu ke fétem dlem yem kudà yóó.It is good if you tie that horse down below.g-, h-, k-, m-.Gunum mfét du yem kudà hfétu kóm ginu?Where did you tie the horse I had you tie earlier?n-.Deng nfét le lanen mken bè silà.They tied him because of his eating the corn.s-.synbed 1beteng 1bkes 1blikis 1ewed 2ewet 1hlikot 1hówól 1ówól 2ogot 2ówól 1sfówól 1hówólsgewed 1ewed 2snung 1cfafas 1sbet 1skét 1

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