wa1vTo obtain, acquire, take, get, to trade, barter.g-, h-, k-.Ket na lewu mò kwahen du.He takes it two by two.m-.To take some of something.Lemwót yó kem tau mulu nwa le yem kimu eles tgama le, hasà le ta yem bigu kay le ebélê le.To take all of something.The people of the wedding party take the item they have prepared beforehand and place it on top of the basket of food that has been served to them.n-.Là kóen fakay ke sulék tô nwahem yem sotu kmu abay se wen gel sidek du.It isn't good if you take all of that one cluster because there is always some that are bad.s-, sems-.Yó kem sidek tehe nmò le lumun monok, semswa tau, mulof, kemfô ngà, kemfô kimu, là bud nmò le du abay se deng wen udin.The evil things they always did like murder, getting and giving (trading) people (slaves), using the sleep curse, kidnapping children, capturing property, they don't do now because of the law.sens-, kes-.vargwakwasyngkitay 1fromkitaycfdikót 1dot 1ma 1skot 1kwa ken mdóidiom(Lit. taking food as if not returning.) To not care about tomorrow's needs. With fruits, vegetables and root crops, if not handled carefully, destroying the young ones, seedlings, leaves, buds.Kwa ken mdó angati bitil.Taking stuff for food as if you'll not return, you will be hungry later.2nA spirit that appears like a bird whose head is believed to go out at night, called onuk busaw 'spirit-bird'.synnewed 1fromewed 2Appendix 02-01 Spirit beings known as individuals

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