bak1nMouth, opening, entrance.vTo make the opening go in a certain direction.h-.Hebakem edini.Turn the opening this way.k-, m-, n-.cfbkó 1nak 2myón hbakidiomSaid of girls who are careless with their skirts when sitting down.sidek kbakidiomBad mouthing. In some contexts, it is also a polite way to say something.Ne yem igò le sfamak kogol kken yó, mudél yem tau fun gunù, monen, "Sólók sidek kbak, Wè, bo tedu ógówem kut ni?"After eating while they are each chewing betel nut, the host (lit. owner of the house) will speak, saying, "It's bad mouthing to ask (a polite way to ask a visitors' purpose), Friend, what is it that brings you here?"2nBlade of a knife, arrow point, sharp bamboo.Là tonu du yó dum busaw, olow mungol ngawóyen, ne tonu litô bè bak suk yem tau demwata ne wek snéen.I didn't see the spirit, I just heard his scream, and I saw blood on the spirit medium's knife blade and hair also.3nBark of dog.vTo bark.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.cfail 1dluu 1duuhwóng 1toul 14nLength of about a handspan long (as of gold on a Tboli necklace).Wen ulewen, wen sudeng lumaken ne lemieg kmagi na sdangaw baken.He (the bridegroom) is wearing a headscarf, he has a dagger in its scabbard, and he's wearing a necklace with a handspan length of gold.s-.One piece of something circular, as rings, bracelets.bak fandìA span of skirt material folded double.bak kumùA span of blanket folded double.sbak kmagiOne Tboli necklace (the gold piece).sbak lintiOne arm bracelet.sbak singkilOne ankle bracelet.sbak tisingOne ring.5nKind (of things).Tey dê baken yem snoluhu.There are many kinds (of things) I am facing.hol bakenidiomThe real reason for something, or the sponsor.Okóm yem hol baken wen bigu bud kay le ebéléen, tey dê.But they serve the sponsor (of the wedding feast) many baskets of food.

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