ewed1vTo direct the fall of a tree by tying something to the upper end and pulling it in the direction that you want it to go.cfaba 2eled 12vTo tie or wind one end of an animal's tether around something strong in order to really hold it.Ke là ewedem du bè but lefò kudà mékét ni, kô hnatayen yem sotu kudà.If you don't wind the tether of this fighting horse to the base of the coconut tree, he might kill the other horse.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Newedem kudà yóó.Wind well the tether of that horse there.s-.varnewedsgewedsynbed 1beteng 1ewet 1fét 23vTo be pulled into something, involved, tricked.Na te ewed u lemen knukum bong ni ke gbekem.We'll pull you into this big case if you're able.Eweden o elem yem kasu.He tricked me into the case.m-.Wen lanen dô mewed edyó ni sentulón ni.It seems you might be involved in the problem if traced.Root refsgewed 1fromewed 2sensewed/sen-gewedidiomGossiping/plotting against.Olò hnungolem se kóm dé yem alì sensewed le gu dlem nii.You too should pay attention to the gossiping together from down below.Deng sana sen-gewed le kmò khatay le du.Already they have plotted together how they will kill him.

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