lónóbvarmónób1n(Of blood) freshness on a trap showing that the trap was just recently released.Maan lónóben bè bak yem blatik.Its freshness (the blood) is still evident on the blade of the trap.adj(Of complexion) fair, beautiful; in good condition or mood.Gel mon le lemónób lem uyóhen yem ngà libun deng wen hen-gifaten.They always say a young girl's face is smooth and clean after puberty (after menstruation).Tey mónób lem uyóhen.Her face (skin) is very fine (used to be rough).-em-, m-.Là dengen mónób nawahu, bê ye senbeweg o.I am not in good condition (mood); don't bother me.cfhyu 1maan 2laan 12vTo soften, weaken fresh banana leaves over the fire before using as wrappers.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.

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