hedemvarhendemvTo think; to ponder; to remember something.ge-.Baluen he ke deng gel klifót le yó kem tau yem bulón le gel tmiba, ke sok gungol le yem udél tahaw mensag, tódô bud gehedem le yem bulón hol tahu ktiba ne kmò le halay.Even if they forget the month to clear a field, when they hear the screech of the long-tailed nightjar bird, they remember it's the month to really clear their rice field.he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.Ke là hol hendem le du kbuten, là kô tngón le du ke wen nged le.(At a wedding feast) if they don't really think about the marriage background, they won't be able to know the riddle (what is sung about).se-.cfledem 1

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