tudvarmtudstud1vargtudsegtudnA prop for a window shutter; a brace for a building, tree or plant that is leaning over.Afus mò tud gunù me anì là hugónen.Bamboo was used as a brace for our house so that it wouldn't fall over.Appendix 11 Parts of a traditional housevTo prop open; to prop up; to support.g, h-, k-, m-, n-.Ntudem yem soging anì là hugónen.Prop up the banana (plant) so that it won't fall over.s-, kes-, semse-, sense-.synsuguk 1cfbegel 2blel 1skét 12adjEffective (used of all types of medicine, prayers); supportive.m-.Tey mtud yem bulung yê, tehe tngónen bè tau gnan.Mother's medicine is very effective; she learned it from our ancestors.syngel 3

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