1locAt, to, in, on, indicates the place where the action happens; indicates the person or thing to which the action is directed. (See section 10.1 of Grammar Sketch.)Hyu ke wen se nwit le ngà le tagak gunù.It is good if there's some (left-over food) for them to bring to their children who are left at the house.cfe- 12prepOf, about, with, for. klotò sok alì tminò, angat mnóng kdaw, okóm ke là, angat là holen mnóng.About klotò, when this tree really flowers, it will be sunny (long dry season), but if not, it won't be very sunny.Là ligal kem tuhahen yem nmoen.His parents were not happy with what he did.Yó se ofolem yem nmoem.That's what you got for what you did.

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