alakvarmalaknLeading, guide.Nawaw alaken lan tau ni, tey alak sidek.Imagine this person leading the way, his leading is bad (doesn't follow the path or is too fast).vTo lead, guide.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tólóng tau fen bud malak bè sigel yem logi myehen eklohok tum libun myón te kama.A different person will lead the bridegroom by his arm to the side of the woman sitting on the pillow.n-, s-, sems-, sens-, kes-.malak któ(Of monkeys) to check if hunters are around. One of them is sent to find out if it is safe for all of them to come out into the open. Hunters won't shoot the first one they see, because the others will remain hidden.malak lan(Of person) leading the way; tour guide.malak nati(Of horse) leading a newborn colt.malak ngà(Of fowls or animals) leading newborn offspring.

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