angay11vTo fetch or send for someone; to go and get something or someone, as water.Ówóng mò angayu kuy.The plane is for my fetching you.g-, h-.E Kefti, hangay Datù uu, wen snólóken bélê ye.Oh Firefly, the Chief is sending for you, he has something to ask you.Mangayi kut él dé.You fetch water for us.k-, m-.Són ni kem ngà gel mógów ebè nim tau demwata ni gembek ne e mangay du.Only these little folk who go to this spirit medium are able to fetch him.n-.To come for each other.Deng nangay ye bew fét dlem kô ginu?Have you fetched the carabao that was tied down below earlier?s-.anteted 1angay2idiomOff and on pain inside one's body or head.Des mangay lem kfuhu.I have active/existing pain in my chest.2vTo appease; placate; pacify, as a wife who has left her husband.Kudà kun mò angayem du tum yehenem, anì móyô mulék béléem.Reportedly, it's a horse you (take and give) to appease your wife, so that she'll want to return to you.Angayem do kmagi, ominu mung kóm mulék.You can appease me with a gold necklace, then I will accompany you home.

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