sabinCorn in the field that is hard, no longer having fluid in the kernels and almost ready for harvesting (hard but not completely dry).Deng kesyuméhen, ominen sabi.After (the corn) is completely filled in, then (the next stage is) hard and almost ready for harvesting.Gel le mò lubed ke deng móyónen sabi silà.They usually make sticky corn cakes when the corn is almost hard and almost ready to be picked.When the corn has reached this stage in its development, it is no longer good for boiling. It is good for roasting on the cob over hot coals or the kernels can be roasted in a fry pan and then pounded. When the corn is completely dry for harvesting it can then be used for milling.cfblibù 1galing 1gnólódgnoyuhekbéng 1kbénglenufi 1lufi 1sóbów 1

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