-ivar-hi1sfxYou singular (-e set)."Mungi do dé," monen, "na nauy soging huluw leged.""You-go with me then," he said, "to visit the bananas I planted upstream."Ke lomihi kól ditu, tey hyu kmò le kóm, nkay le u bigu.If you-newly arrive there they are very good to you, they serve you a basket of food.2sfxSuffixed to ni, si, di and to specify a particular one or time.Yó se gunun e hugón kekem yó se danà lówóhen nim dmatal nii.Where kekem fell, that's the mark of its body this flat area here-here (this very spot)."Ne sélét ni dum do," mon Hnu, "tey keblat gunù eles nitu nii.""And how much more for me," Turtle said, "it's a very heavy house I'm bringing this one-here."Tedu se nii?What is this one-here?cf1

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