efet11vargefetconjUntil, extending to.Kul gunu seblà nù kem Tboli bè sneged Cotabato bè Sinolon, Sbù, efet kól ebè Kiambà.The place where the Tboli dwell is upstream of Cotabato in Sinolon, Lake Sebu, extending to Kiambà.Ke là muluhen bulung bolos efet suloyen, bolos gna hlalak du.If he doesn't plant the early rice until the next day (overnight), the fox will cut across the field first.vTo sustain for the time being.Mulu te silà mò efet te gu laan là deng gefet yem halay.Let's plant corn to sustain (lit. reach to) us before the rice is harvested.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.efet2idiomClear (reaching far).mefet ketngelu.My vision is not clear.2varnefetsefetnPlace of refuge; stationary place.Ke là du efetu denge matay.If he hadn't been my refuge I would have died.vTo reach a place of refuge.h-.Wen dumuhu setwoli bè yó mò gunuhu hefet kóm.I have relatives there where I'll have you reach refuge.syntódô 3

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