tey1exprWow.Tey, efet deng mom sóólen kun.Wow, (he ate) half (of them), reportedly."Tey," mon Hnu, "nawaw soging huluhu gu leged.""Wow," said Turtle, "you should see the bananas I planted upstream."2intVery; expression used for great emphasis; exclamation of surprise, wonder, grief, great delight."Na, tey deng ni u, Sembilà," mon Iwas."Oh, int here you are, Friend," Monkey said.Ke mdengen keheken yem tau, yó sen alì dóyón le, mon le tey mdengen.When a person has good preparation for planting rice, that's what they really praise; they say it's very complete.synalì 1hol 1cf13vTo make things plenty.Teyem du ne nwahem.You shouldn't take too much of what you are getting.g-, h-.Béem alì htey nwitem là gbekem du.Don't make it too much of what you are taking, you'll not be able to carry it.k-, n-.

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