e1interjYes.varelanta 12ptlIndicates emphasis, always used in conjunction with ne as ne e 'now I', nem e 'now you', nen e 'now he/she' or when.New e nebel Méw dé ni.Now (at this time) I'll emp look for Monkey.Ekuloy ne e msut Mà Dì, tey noko nwiten.Yesterday when emp uncle arrived, he brought much sugarcane.3ptlOh; hey, used to get someone's attention.E tenngelem dé, Sembilà, deng gotu mékéng dounen soging huluhu, gotu tógó kem dumuhen.Oh look, Pal, the leaves of the banana plant I planted are all dry, part (of the bananas) are all ripe.

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