luk1nSound, as of rain, wind, fire, motor.Ne sotun, ke sok mayuk bè mohin yem gunum mulu lefò, mon le là mungolen luk mohin yem lefò yó.Another thing, if you plant young coconut far from the ocean, they always say that coconut doesn't hear the sound of the ocean.synlendel 1Appendix 19 SoundsvTo make a sound, noise; to start a machine or an engine.g-, h-.Tey kegen le tô hluk du yem mekina là buden mluk.They have been trying to start the engine for a long time, it won't start anymore.m-.synandal 1linggeng 1lungkul 1luk lem liholidiomCat purring; chicken sick with fever.2vTo work alongside in order to encourage someone; to oversee and at the same time help, thus encouraging someone else to work.g-, h-, k-, m-.Uu hlun mluk kul tu kem tau kemlo.You temporarily work along side those people weeding for us.n-.Nlukem lu mò nmò.You oversee them working.s-.vargluk3advAt the same time.Henlel le hligal kem tau smagi, kmintang, luk le madal.The people continued to be happy (make merry) playing the gongs, the klintang and at the same time dancing.Ke là holen wen tau kemlo luken alì lamang, sal gel wen tebel du yem kenlo.If the people to weed are not many and at the same time the area is very wide, there's always some left to be weeded.cfigò 1fromklel 1lel 2

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