hsalàfromsalà1nPenalty, fine.Tey bong hsalà le dou.I had to pay a very big fine.vTo accuse; to make charges against someone; to fine someone.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-.Okóm bè yem kekteng le yó, ten-gama le kô gekteng le yem tau gunu le hemsalà kul.But when they pull (someone to the food basket), they are careful because they might pull a person whose relative might fine them.-en-.Sok stulón bè libun yem logi ke siwol le, hensalà yem mà yem libun yem logi.If a man talks with a woman when they are showing interest in each other, the father of the woman will fine him.se-.cfdel 12vTo miss the mark.cfgsalà 1salà

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