tengebvarstengeb1nDark, overcast sky, sign of rain, atmospheric condition signaling a typhoon.cfluk ta 1vTo get dark in the atmosphere as when signaling rain.-m-.Tikóng deng lemnga ne Datù Fak, tey tmengeb gu bè longit, ne demsù yem tey blabaden kulón, ne dmunuk yem él.When Chief Frog was already in deep sleep, the sky was very dark and suddenly that great drumming rain arrived and the river flooded.-n-.syngeeb 12nLid, cover; (of people) pair, partner.Nebel ye tengeb yem lebwón.Look for the lid of the water jug.vTo pair things.s-.Stengeb le.They are partners/pairs.cfseblà 2blà 1

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