The development of the Tboli language and specifically this dictionary are the contribution of many people.

In 1953, Alice Lindquist Maryott and Vivian Forsberg Van Wynen settled in the municipality of Tboli and began studying the Tboli language. In 1959, Alice married and moved out of the project, and Lillian Underwood came to join Vivian to study Tboli.

Beginning in 1963, linguists Doris Porter (1963-1976), Nancy Howison Cohen (1963-1969) and Marjory Moran (1969-1976) joined the team and helped compile and analyze data.

Local people who were essential to the understanding of the language and expanding the definitions of the dictionary entries were the Tuan brothers; Walan (Juanillo), Mai, Yadan (Yannie), Fludi and Dad; Selanting (Roberto) and Min Tohol; Alun, Bedung (Salvador) and Kasi Gandulan; Gadu and Tunyu Ugal; Fa and Bet Quer; Tony Wanan; Dusin and Stephen Lutan. Since 1997, Selanting Tohol, Bedung and Inek Gandulan have periodically
checked the data and responded to questions. Mark and Flor Mann were also very helpful on one occasion.