Credits and acknowledgements

Representing the Tem population for the dictionary project, the Tem Language Committee gives praise to Almighty God for bringing about this great accomplishment.

Principal Compiler:
Rebecca Snead

Assistants to the compiler:
Sarata Agrignan Abassa
Zoubera Moumouni

Executive Committee of the TEM language (CLTem):
President Siradji Maliouro
Vice-President Gandé Tchakondo
Secretary Koubonou Abrignan
Vice-Secretary Djobo Derman
Tresurer Ali Ouro-Akoriko
Cashier Alfa Bachir Korodow
Consultant Issifou Sebou
SIL Linguistic Consultant Andy Weathers

Other consultants for the Tem Language Committee (CLTem):
Honorary President Katari Foli-Bazi
Honorary Political Representative Deputy Yerima
Tem Linguistic Representative Aboubakar Sama
Teachers' Representative Daniel Gbeleou
Women's Representative Sando-Ayichétou Alassani Tagba-Djeri
Media Representative Alilaou Tchadjobo
Representative for Assoli Badana Koriko Igougnon
Representative for Fazao Seydou Kassim

Participants in the word collection workshop and revision sessions:
Moudiatou Agouda, Tcha Gbeleou, Saibou Isaaka, Sana Korodow, Sakibou Maliouro, Foudou Nassam, Gbéléou Ouro, Makamatou Ouro-Agoro, Djidadou Ouro-Gbele, Zoumaro Ouro-Tagba, Méminétou Sabi, Zaratou Sibiti, Mouhoutarou Singahila, Tawani Tagba, Ouro-Sama Tchagouni, Djéri Tchatchibara.

Other Technical Collaborators:
Illustrations: Affo Agrignan
IT: ROWE David Rowe, Terry Sullivan
French Linguistics: Dr. Jacques Nicole

Many thanks go to SIL Togo-Benin whose contribution brought this dictionary to fruition. We want to specifically express our appreciation to the following SIL members:

Bob and Ina Decraene (Tairou and Salama), who initiated the first word collection for the Tem dictionary
Aboubakar Sama, who compiled the first database of the Tem dictionary
Andy and Kristen Weathers (Dawuda and Kérétima), who were responsible for the Central Region and had the idea to revitalize the dictionary project after it had been set aside. Their influence brought about the assistance of another SIL member. The CLTem appreciates the help of these colleagues, for their encouragement, technical expertise, and funding.
The CLTem is especially thankful for Rebecca Snead (Barakétou) who coordinated the revitalization project since 2007, for the revision, collection of new words, with the collaboration of several Tem speakers from various regions. They appreciate her creativity and high quality work. In addition, Miss Snead trained her assistants Sartha Abassa Agrignan and Zoubéra Moumouni who were helpful in typing the data, and adding definitions and example sentences.

The CLTem would like to convey their immense gratitude to Dr. Jacques Nicole of SIL for his linguistic knowledge, and also to David Rowe, Terry Sullivan, Richard Margetts of SIL Mali, for their IT assistance.

The CLTem would also like to take this opportunity to express their appreciation for the help received in many aspects of the project, especially Samiou Tchatchibara, for his work on the definitions. Thank you to the participants of multiple word collection workshops in 2007 organized jointly with SIL Togo-Benin. They are grateful to those who painstakingly read each entry, the index, etc.

To those who are interested in the Tem dictionary, the CLTem values your helpful comments, corrections and suggestions, that serve to improve the dictionary.