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Coordinator – (preferably a speaker of the language, but not obligatorily so) – organizes and oversees the workshop

Logistics Manager – responsible to arrange food, lodging, transportation, supplies, workshop location, and financial disbursements

Record-keeper – responsible for the administrative details during the workshop; must know how to use a spreadsheet on a computer

Glosser (2-3) – must be bilingual in the vernacular and the language in which the words will be glossed

Typist (2-4) – must be experienced in touch-typing; must be (or become) familiar with the keystroke sequences necessary for typing special characters (if applicable)

Team Leader (6) – must be bilingual in the vernacular and the language of the RWC Questionnaire being used

Language Expert (12-18) – must be fluent mother-tongue speakers of the vernacular

Scribe (6) – must be able to write legibly and fairly quickly in the vernacular; a good grasp of the vernacular orthography is a near necessity to avoid lots of corrections later in the process;