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-एँv11st person,singularमोएँ नी जानें, तूमी तो। I don't know, you do.पोएसा के नी साँगें बाई।I won't tell about the money, Bai.2 1st person,singular,optative mood
1e1ppronhe यह2ppronshe3ppronit4demthisयहए बाटेe baʈecomAdvthis directionए बाटे हून बाटेe baʈe hun baʈecomAdvhere and there; this direction and that direction5pronthis person6pronthis one7empemphatic marker8exclexclamation for attention9exclcfi1ei
-ए2e1v3rd person,singular-ता है2adjemphatic markerआरू डँडीक लोग जूऊला जमाए।And in a little while everyone gathered together.खूबे दीन होली आले नाई सकत लोग मन तूरते करूआत आजी ची।After many days, those who can do it will do it quickly that very day.हूताए मोरी होलो, ने?He died there, didn't he?9.2.3Pronounscomp.eke dʒʰan3advemphatic4nemphatic5rhyMrkrrhymer 6n > nin7v > advadverbaliserमूरे हार खूब गमाऊआए।The very first time it will take a long time.8v > nnominaliserतूई खजाए होएसीस।comp.mãɡe bʰaɡph. v.orae houkosae houkkʰədʒae houkʈʰəʈae houkpokae houk9postpon; with; toपोता सँगे सरान देतोर आए सर सर।It is to be plastered with a plastering cloth quickly.
ए अ हएe ə həeexclexclamation of surprise (as in 'Really!')
ए एe eexclexclamation of hesitation (as in 'Ummm')
ए ए काएe e kaeexclexclamation of hesitation (as in 'Ummm')
ए काएe kaeexclhesitation expressed as 'ummए काए कूमडा मन बाचालासोतजे ऊसनी करतो काजे बाचातोर आए।Ummm, that which has been left for Kumda, doing just like that is to be left.
ए काए तोe kae toexclexclamation of hestiation (as in 'Umm!')
ए जानूe dʒanuexclhesitation
ए थान लेe tʰan lecomAdvfrom here8.5.1Here, therecfe tʰanndlecomp. ofe1 4tʰan1=le1 1
ए थानेe tʰanecomAdvhere; at this place9.2.3.5Demonstrative pronouns8.5.1Here, therecomp. ofe1 4tʰanecomp. ofथान1
ए थान्न्‌दलेe tʰanndlecomAdvfrom here8.5.1Here, theredial. var.tʰãdlecfe tʰan lecomp. ofe1 4tʰan1=le1 1
ए बाटेe baʈecomAdvthis directioncomp. ofe1 4baʈeए बाटे हून बाटेe baʈe hun baʈecomAdvhere and there; this direction and that direction
ए बाटे हून बाटेe baʈe hun baʈecomAdvhere and there; this direction and that direction8.5.1Here, therecomp. ofe baʈecomp. of1 4बाटेhun baʈecomp. ofहून 5बाटे
ए बाटे हून बाटे साँगूकe baʈe hun baʈe sãɡukcomVbto gossip; to spread tales3. v. ofe baʈe hun baʈecomp. ofए बाटेहून बाटेsãɡuk
ए भगवानe bʰəɡwanidiomOh god!
ए मनe mənppronthey; these peopleयेder. of=mən1e1
ए माए लोटेआe mae loʈeaidiomidiom (one who has sex with his mother)
ए रसोe rəsoexclexclamation of delightas when see something beautiful
ए लगेe ləɡecomAdvhere8.5.1Here, therecomp. ofe1 4ləɡeए लगे हून लगेe ləɡe hun ləɡecomAdvall over the place
ए लगे हून लगेe ləɡe hun ləɡecomAdvall over the placecomp. ofe ləɡecomp. of1 4लगेhun ləɡecomp. ofहून 5लगे
ए लगे हून लगे सँगाऊकe ləɡe hun ləɡe sə̃ɡaukcomVbto disarrangeबिगार्ना; तिरबितर करना7.5.5Organizeph. v. ofe ləɡe hun ləɡecomp. ofए लगेहून लगेsə̃ɡauk
-एआeav > nmasculine personifier
एईeipronthis very one9.2.3.5Demonstrative pronounscfi1e1
एईतोeitopronthis one then9.2.3.5Demonstrative pronouns