Vernacular - English

-ओo1v3rd person, singular, optative moodहो चीगड़ू साँगो।Yes, Chingaru should tell.आऊर हून पोंगनाहा मन आऊर लोग मन के काईं होओ माँगूआत आऊर हून लोग मन हून मँगू बीता के नी दीलेने हून पोंगनाहा मन हून नी देऊ लोग मन के पाँगूात।And that male witch will beg from others, whoever they may be, and if those people don't give to the begging one, those male witches will curse those who don't give.2v2nd person, singular, imperative dʒ dʒao3n > possnpossessiveहून चो घरो धान ने गेली।It went into his house's paddy rice.4dimsnlarge size5cnvsuf nominaliser
ओ बापरेo bapreidiomidiomatic expression similar to 'Oh god!'
ओआड़ीoaɽincurtain type
ओआड़ूकoaɽukv1to string2to stretch outcfoɽauk
ओएoeexclexclamation of positive responseused in answer to a call
ओँएआõeanlarge edible frogमेंन्‍दक8.2Big1.6.1.3Reptile
ओएकूकoekuk1itto gag2.2Body functions2vto retch2.5.2.3Stomach illness2.1.1.4Mouth
ओएगूकoeɡuktr1to scoop crabs out of holes in field7.8.6Dig6.2.9Farmland2to clean out baby's mouthand use finger covered with a cloth5.6.1Clean, dirty2.1.1.4Mouth
ओँएचूकõetʃuktrto winnowseparate rice from husks in a winnowing basket sup7.5.1.1Separate, scatter
winnow action direction
ओओलoolnlikenessबा बीता असन ओओल आए।(He) looks like his father., model
ओकनीokninlouse found in people's hair and in animals' furजूंə̃diɖʰẽɽɡa
ओकारूकokarukvunknown meaning
ओकासीokasinvomit2.2Body functionsder. ofokuk
ओकासी एऊकokasi eukvto become sick; to throw upमके ओकासी एते रोली।I had become sick.2.5.1Sick2.2Body functionsph. v. ofeukokasider. ofओकूक
ओकीokinvomitingहून मन चो गाँव मन ने अएसा ओकी झडा होएधसे।The people of their village were very sick vomiting and with diarreha. illness2.2Body functions
ओकूकokukvto vomitमके ओकासी एते रोली। illness2.1.1.4Mouthओकासीokasinvomit
ओगतानoɡtanadjugly; repulsiveकुरूप; घनौना
ओगतान बोनाऊकoɡtan bonaukvto neglectख़याल न करना plants2. a child3.2.6.1Forgetph. v. ofbonaukoɡtan
ओँगतो बीतीõɡto bitinstick used for oiling or greasing ox-cartcfõɡən nəracomp. ofõɡuk-to1biti 2
ओँगन तेलõɡən telnoil for ox-cart; grease for ox-cart6.2.8Agricultural tool7.ɡaɽa telcomp. ofõɡuktel-an
ओँगन नराõɡən nəranoil pot for ox-cartmade from a piece of bamboo7.õɡto biticomp. ofõɡuk-ən 2nəra
ओगाएoɡaeadjquiet3. nothing
ओगाए रोऊकoɡae roukvto be quietचुप रहना nothingph. v. ofoɡaerouk
ओगाए होऊकoɡae houkvto become quiet3. quietly3. nothingph. v. ofhoukoɡae
ओँगूकõɡukvto grease oxcart wheel; to oil ox-cart wheel6.7.8Parts of tools8.6Parts of thingsओँगतो बीतीõɡto bitinstick used for oiling or greasing ox-cartओँगन तेलõɡən telnoil for ox-cart; grease for ox-cartओँगन नराõɡən nəranoil pot for ox-cartmade from a piece of bamboo