Vernacular - English

डँकाɖə̃kandrumspirit possessed shaman's term for a nãɡra drum4.2.3.5Musical instrument
डग डगɖəɡ ɖəɡcnmanner of searching
डग डग दकूकɖəɡ ɖəɡ dəkukvto search carefully7.6.1Search6.4.1Huntph. v. ofdəkuk
डगराऊकɖəɡraukvto look for; to search forखोजना; ढूंड़ना
डगाऊकɖəɡaukvto bounce; to jump over or acrossकूद कर पार करना past, over, through
डँड1ɖə̃ɖn1difficulty8. the same time9.5.1.5Attendant circumstances2sufferingडँड करलानीɖə̃ɖ kərlanicnheartacheडँड देऊकɖə̃ɖ deukv1to torture; to cause to suffer2to cause to suffer
डँड2ɖə̃ɖadva while
डँड करलानीɖə̃ɖ kərlanicnheartachecomp. ofɖə̃ɖ1kərlanider. ofकरूक
डँड करलानी होऊकɖə̃ɖ kərlani houkcomVb1to feel heartache when see suffering of others2.5.6.1Pain4.3.3Love2to feel compassion2.3.5Sense of touch7.3.4.1Touch4.3.3Loveph. v. ofɖə̃ɖ kərlanicomp. ofडँड1करलानीhouk
डँड करूकɖə̃ɖ kərukvto suffer2.5.6.1Painph. v. ofɖə̃ɖ1kəruk
डँड देऊकɖə̃ɖ deukv1to torture; to cause to sufferसताना cause to sufferph. v. ofɖə̃ɖ1deuk
डँडकीɖə̃ɖkiadvearly8. of the day
डँडाɖə̃ɖan1stickused for hitting another piece of wood in the game called iba2nose bone; nose cartilagecomp.nak ɖə̃ɖa
डँडीɖə̃ɖinnose ornamentgold, hangs from the centreबुलाक2.1Body5.4.1Jewelry
डँडीकɖə̃ɖikadv1small amount of time; a little whileडँडीक ले एएँदे।I'll come in a little while., much8.1.3.2Few, little8.4.3Indefinite time8. the same time9.5.1.5Attendant circumstances8.2.1Small8.3.6Made of, material2small amount of time
डँडेआɖə̃ɖean1hook for hanging things onsuch as umbrella, clothes, etc7.5.2Join, attach9.6.2.4Basis8.5.1.3On2.6.6.1Kill6.4.5.3Fishing equipment7. pole for carrying things used to carry deer or other hunted animal and needing two people for each pole.
डबɖəbn1container for planting
डबराɖəbranmud puddle; poolडब्‍रा
डबलाɖəblanleaf dish5.2.1.5Serve food1.5.5Parts of a plantडबला दोनाɖəbla donacnlarge leaf dishmade of 4 leaves, used for cooked rice; see Appendixù pix 8e
डबला दोनाɖəbla donacnlarge leaf dishmade of 4 leaves, used for cooked rice; see Appendixù pix 8e8.2Big8.2.1Small1.5.5Parts of a plant6.7.7Containercfɖəblicomp. ofɖəbladona
डबलीɖəblinleaf dishsmall size of a ɖəbla dona and used for cooked rice8.2.1Small1.5.5Parts of a plant6.7.7Containercfɖəbla dona
डबसनाएँɖəbəsnaẽadvbloatedas stomache full of gas; even an empty stomach feels fullडबसनाएँ लागे पेट, नी जीरे, भूके नी लागे।My stomach feels bloated, it doesn't digest, I'm not hungry.
डबाɖəban1container tin can, box;डब्‍बा2small space for plantinga baɽi garden area consists of many ɖəbaडब्‍बा
डबीɖəbinmatchesआईग डबी।matches for fire.
डमɖəmnunclean because of feces; contaminated by fecesrefers to one who has touched or stepped in feces of humans, dogs, pigs, etcहून लेका डम आए नी छीआँ हून के बोलूआत, कूकूर हागा के खूँदलेने।If he steps in dog feces, they will say, "That boy is contaminated/unclean - don't touch him".2.2Body functions9.5Case8.3.6Made of, material9.