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थएलीtʰəelinsmall money bagvery small; worn around neck or at waist6.8.6Money8.2Big8.2.1Small6.7.7Container
थकूकtʰəkukvto be tired; to get tired9.1.1.1Exist2.4.4Tired
थमूकtʰəmukvto quiet down; to become stillas waves after a storm
थर1tʰərnkin term4.1.9.1Related by birthcflaɡ1
थर थर थरtʰər tʰər tʰərfr. var. oftʰər tʰəruk
थर थर लागूकtʰər tʰər laɡukvto shiver7.3.1.3Shake7.2.2.8Move back and forthcftʰər tʰər houkph. v. oflaɡuktʰər2
थर थर होऊकtʰər tʰər houkvto shivercftʰər tʰər laɡukph. v. ofhouktʰər2
थर थरूकtʰər tʰərukcomVb1to shudderas motorscooter when idlingठिठुरना; कांपना2to shiver7.2.2.8Move back and forth2.5.6.2Fever8.3.4.1Cold7.1.9Move a part of the bodyfr. var.tʰər tʰər tʰər
थाकtʰakadjlow; short
थान1tʰannplaceए थान लेe tʰan lecomAdvfrom hereए थान्न्‌दलेe tʰanndlecomAdvfrom herenot usual form, somewhat like stutteringdial. var.tʰãdleथानेtʰanenin a place; at a placeईची थानेitʃi tʰanecomAdvjust here; this very placeemphatic; form: i 'this(emp)' + tʃi 'emp'ए थानेe tʰanecomAdvhere; at this placeहूनी थानेhuni tʰanecomAdvthereथानोtʰanonplace'sहून थान्‍लेhun tʰanlecomAdvfrom there
थान2tʰanncloth type
थानेtʰanenin a place; at a place8.2.6.2Near8.5.1.5Touching, contact8.5.1.2Beside8.2.6.1Far8. tocomp. oftʰan1ईची थानेitʃi tʰanecomAdvjust here; this very placeemphatic; form: i 'this(emp)' + tʃi 'emp'ए थानेe tʰanecomAdvhere; at this placeहूनी थानेhuni tʰanecomAdvthere
थानोtʰanonplace'sder. oftʰan1
थापड़tʰapəɽnslapथापड दूईक।two slaps.7.7.1Hitथापड़ मारूकtʰapəɽ marukcomVbto slap
थापड़ मारूकtʰapəɽ marukcomVbto slap7.7.1Hitph. v. oftʰapəɽmaruk
थापड़कtʰapɽəknone slap9.2.3Pronouns8.1.1.1Cardinal numbers7.7.1Hit
थापड़ाऊकtʰapɽaukvto slap7.7.1Hit
थापा1tʰapangrasshoppercommentOnNationalLg: grasshopper;
commentOnNationalLg: locust
खीक्‍सा थापाkʰiksa tʰapacninsect type; cricket
थापा2tʰapantype of woven basket for covering things
थापूकtʰapukv1to cover; to put hand on somethingwith hand, pawबीलहीं पीला मूसा थापेसे।The kitten is covering the mouse with her paw.गाले हात थापलासे।They have their hand on their cheek.7.3.7Cover2to smooth out
थामूकtʰamukvto hold weightso if put a heavy load on a small ox-cart it can't hold the weight and will breakनी थामे बोलतोर आए।It can't hold the weight is to be said.
थारीtʰarinplate6.7.7Containerथारी बोटकीtʰari boʈkicnplates and dishes

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