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apusuvmake sign of cross?
aqeaken1airaireAqeco napulaco huqueco ibinaqeco inemimate Diosimate quenequa naqili cobicho.As te ayrado contro Dios o contra el Cielo o lubia [sic] o con las olas o vientos.Conf, f1 1.1Elamate, acumate, chubobomate, mocamate, anomate, acamate, hachibueno eyomate Diosi areconteti?Didn't God also make the sun, moon, stars, sea, people, air, and other things?Didn't God also make the air, the water, the rocks, men, and all the other things?No a hecho tambien Dios al ayre, el agua, las piedras, los hombres, y todas las de mas cosas?MovDoc f body of waterEquela namaruama, Iueues equelamante, cume areconolehabema, Dios vtinama, areconimano, moca carecote, ybimacarecote nubalacarecote, aquecarecote, caqi vtima, isamolota quanunta nahulubontasiro manda, areconelehachaquene? On the fifth day, which is Thursday, to adorn the earth, God created on it the sea, rivers, and lakes, and in these waters, he created a great number of fish, and he made man the casique or master of them, and he gave the wisdom to fish them. En el quinto dia, que es Iueues, como para adornar la tierra criò Dios en ella el Mar, Rios, y lagunas, y en estas aguas criò grande numero de Peces, de los quales hizo Cacique ò señor al hombre, y le diò sabiduria, para pescallosOn the fifth, the day called Thursday, one must understand that God Utina made the seas, the rivers, the lakes, and the aqe to wash and adorn the earth and so that one could farm it. Why did he make them?1627 Cat 1.1Usually aqe means 'air', but in a few passages it is in a list of bodies of water.acaaquesp. var.aqùecomp.ibinaqewaveichiraqenorthwest wind
aqioakioadv1nowArte, f138 tampresto o yaConfident2at that time, thenArte, f138 tampresto o yaConfidentsp. var.aquio
aqùeakʷèsp. var. ofaqeair
aquilaakʷilanropesogaConfidentcomp.AquilachuaName of a lake/sinkhole
AquilachuaakʷilatʃuanpropName of a lake/sinkholeCited in the journal of Diego Peña (1716) as a place in Alachua County9.7.2Name of a placeConfidentcomp. ofaquilaropechuahole
aquioakʷiosp. var. ofaqionow at that time, then
aquitaakʷitanvirgin, girlvirgen, muchachaArte, f13Confidentcomp.aquita siqevirgin
aquita siqeakʷita sikenvirginvirgenCaqi aquitasiqe Mariancono chicaconte?Who is the Virgin Mary? ‎‎Quien es la Virgin Maria?(1612 Cat, f50r; g3, p. 494)ConfidentaquisatiqueaquitasiqueaquitasiqeAquitasiqeaqitasiqecomp. ofaquitavirgin, girlsiqiexist be born sonsp. var.aquìtasiqeaqùitasiqe
aquìtasiqeakʷìtasikesp. var. ofaquita siqevirgincomp. ofaquitasiqi
aqùitasiqeakʷìtasikesp. var. ofaquita siqevirgincomp. ofaquitasiqi
ara1aranbearoso1.6.1.1MammalConfidentcomp.arahasominame of a Timucua lineage (Bear clan), part of Chulufichi
ara2aravbe manyser abundanteCuyu ara?Are there many fish?Hay mucho pescado?Arte, f13, f18Tapola purunu arala. It is much shelled corn.Arte f31 1.1Confidentarecomp.Arapaha
ara3laravhelpayudar, auxiliarChiarasihaleI will help you/ Yo te aiudare.Arte f129Confidentlaranaraari
arahasomiarahasominname of a Timucua lineage (Bear clan), part of ChulufichiCited in Pareja (1612:Iii)Confidentcomp. ofara1bearhasoclan
aramitovhelp, provide
Arapahaarapahanpropcomponent of several town namesArapaha seems to mean 'many houses'. This is a component of the town names San Juan Ebangelista de Arapaja, San Francisco de Arapaja, San Antonio de Arapaja, and San Juan de Arapaja.comp. ofara2be manypahahousesp. var.Arapaja
Arapajaarapahasp. var. ofArapahacomp. ofara2paha
Aratoboncomponent of a town name9.7.2Name of a place