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atichioloatitʃiolosp. var. ofatichicolosoul/consciencecomp. of*atichicolo
atimo3nbodyIt is not clear how exactly this word differs from several other words for 'body'.synoquo1 1una 2
atimo1atimon1group, allgrupo, todosArte, f13, f118v atimo hetahomosohabela mohateno 'todo se lo abran comido'Confident2entire (of a time period)sp. var.atìmo
atimo2atimov1swear byProbable2have faith inatemocomp. of-timopart of several verbs, meaning unclear (perhaps full of, characterized by)?
atìmoatìmosp. var. ofatimo1group, all
atimucuatimukunbilehielArte, f342.1BodyConfidentcomp. of*atimucu1 1eye
-atiqua1atikʷavsfxbeforecf-atiqua2must not or if not? without doing this before must?tiquaetiquatìqua
-atiqua2atikʷa1vsfxmust notNapeqecheqetama, inihimitima, namanetiquani hache.The ninth, you must not desire your neighbor's wifeEl noveno, no dessearas la muger de tu proximo.1612 Cat 10.1Namarua, ano iquenetiquani.El quinto, no mataras.1612 Cat 6.1Napiqichama nuquatiquani hache.El septimo, no hurtaras.1612 Cat 8.1If the preceding verb ends with /i/, then this coalesces with the initial vowel of this suffix to yield /e/. Other vowels are typically deleted before this suffix.Confident2nsfxor if not?Tentative3vsfxwithout doing this4vsfxmust?Tentativecf-atiqua1must not or if not? without doing this before must?atiquatiquahatiquanietiquatìquasp. var.-atyqua
atiquisoatikʷisovunknown verbsp. var.atiqùiso
atoatovverb that describes an action of the eyes (looking downward?, being closed?)Tentative
atuluatulun1arrowflechaBaliteque atulu nalifochiqe, nihetileqe, atuluma ituhusota niyena mocosota, naipolotecata mosobi cho?‎‎Having pierced the game with arrows without killing it, did you order prayers to be said over an arrow, believing that with the next shot the game would die?(gI, p. 12)Confident2ray of sunTawasa piekcutt
atuqisovbe:obstaclesp. var.atuquisoatuqùiso
atuquisosp. var. ofatuqiso
atuqùisosp. var. ofatuqiso
-atyquaatikʷasp. var. of-atiqua2must not or if not? without doing this before must?
auara awara ncleared fieldterreno despejadoabara ele
Aue Mariaaue mariasp. var. ofAve Maria*Ave Maria
Ave Mariaave marian*Ave Maria*Ave MariaBorrowed from SpanishBorrowedsp. var.Aue Maria
Avinonpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a place
ayaaja1nforestmonteAya honoma ituhunuleqe hehanimanda hanibi cho?Did you say: "I shall not eat any forest fruit, unless prayer be offered over it"?(f129; g1 p. 11,)As dicho no comere la fruta del monte sin que se reze?Arte f33 'monte'sp. var.ajaConfidentaya honofruitcomp.aya hibuadefecateayahanisinoname of a Timuca lineage, part of the Apoholaayahutafornicate2nroad?camino, senderoArte f33 'mountain'Confident3nlabor (with ebo)Arte f33 'mountain'Confident4vbe tiredestar cansadoArte f33 'mountain'Confident5nfarm?granjaArte f33 'mountain'Confidenthaya
aya hibuaaya hibʷavdefecateConfidentcomp. ofaya 1foresthibua 4situnspec. comp. formayahibuanoexcrement