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ipuluipuluv1returnProbable2reply (with hebua)Confidentypulu
ipunuipununlance, spearlanzasp. var.ypunu
ipurucuipurukuvremedy, helpremedioAcu choncosota naipurucunulehe?And what is its remedy?y qual es su remedio? Movilla 1635a:f101v-102r 2.3Probable
iputuvfightsp. var.yputu
iqeiken1mudbarroiqe pahamahouse made of mudcasa de barroArte, f53Confident2ground, soilsuelo, tierraArte, f53Confidentsp. var.yqeCt yakni?
iqeloikelov1fightluchar, lidiarProbable2woundherir, lesionarTentativesp. var.yqelocomp.naqelonodagger, weapon
iqiikivgo up, ascendsubir, ascenderArte f5 has 'go up/ subir'ConfidentyqiiquiAtakapa hiyik- 'upwards'. This is a prefix on verbs in At.comp.naqinoladder
iqibaikibasp. var. ofiqibolaugh, mock
iqiboikibovlaugh, mockreirseThis verb describes some action that one should not do in church, and that candidates for holy vows should not wish to do. It is also used in the story of a heretic who laughed at/mocked his executionersProbableyqibosp. var.iqiba
iqilabaikilabansickenfermoAno iquilabama bueta taca chaleca arecobichica?‎‎For someone who is sick, have you made a separate light or fire?f207Confidentyqilabaiqilaboiquilabaiquilaboyquilaboyqilaboyqilabuoyquilabuosp. var.iqilàbaiqilamayqilauayquilaba
iqilàbaikilàbasp. var. ofiqilabasick
iqilaba pahanhospitalhospitalsp. var.iqilabapahayqilabapaha
iqilamaikilamasp. var. ofiqilabasick
iqiliikilisp. var. ofyqili
iqiliniikilinivdo immediately?Often in contexts where decisive or quick action is discussed. Or possibly this is the passive of a verb iq(u)ile meaning something like 'purify'Tentativesp. var.yqilini
iqilinisivunknown verbiqilinissp. var.yqilinis
iquaikʷavcry outiri iquanoto give war criesArte, f11Confidentcfiquasibakind of birdyqua
iquaiquaikʷaikʷaRedup1confused? crying out?Tentative2unknown redupyquayquayqua yquayqùa
iquasibaukʷasibankind of birdclase de pajaroyano, vtima iribita, ponota, [Fol 28r] hono heta, nayubaleno, qeta, hebetota, hetamosota, yano chini yhiribota nahita, sicurimosico, turibamosico, anopiracaya, mosico, yquasibamosico, nayomosico, yano, mine hono, nayubaleno, mile, yyolanante, yano, ahàno heta, yanopinoco heta yano, qisaheta, yano, cuiuheta, tolocamamosi yano, hono, eyo naheta, naquosomohabuema, Diosima, nahiabonoma, naorobisinoma, ohota, quosontechule, Acu cayaco anochieta, nacobuosota nahiabonoma, ohota. where they go through the air, and others that go in the same water, and other times by land and water, where they look for their[nde] andan en el ayre, y otras que andan en la mesma agua, y otras vezes por tierra y agua, do[nde] buscan su sustento, 1627 Cat 2.2Included on a list of birds, but the species is uncertain1.6.1.2BirdProbablecfiquacry outyquasiba
iquatuikʷatuvdisobey?Tentativecficatodisobeycomp. ofica*toyquatu
ique ikʷe v1clean, scrub, polishlimpiar, fregar, acicalarmecalala iquamathe sword-maker that cleans and polishes the swordArte f6Confident2clean soreslimpiar las llagasArte, f6 quetaConfidentyquiiqueiquasp. var.yqùe
iqueneikʷenesp. var. ofiquinibreast, motherkill/abort?