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rasorason*satin*rasoBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
reallrealadj*royal*realBorrowed from SpanishBorrowedrealReal
renoceronterenoseronten*rhinocerous*renoceronteBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
repesorepesovburn up, consume?Tentative
-reqerekesfxeachcadaR| Necata bualunureqe neca habue lenomate quenequaheca itimile nayarimema acu santa Maria, Diosima ano hiocomo puenonele oraboni habe mono naiarimema quene ituhusta qitimine no nimelabota, Dios nita malosta haue naituhustala.R. I pray an Our Father, and a God Save Thee Maria on lying down and getting up, so that he will entreat God for me.R. Rezole vn Padre nuestro, y el Dios te salue Maria al acostar, y levantarme, para que ansi el ruego a DIOS por mi.If I pray and recite the Our Father and the Ave Maria to be cured each time I wake from sleeping and when I am going to sleep, then he or she [the saint] will pray entreating God to have mercy on me.1612 Cat 2.1Confidentrequeregeraqesp. var.-rèqe
-rèqerèkesp. var. of-reqeeach
Reyrein*king*reyBorrowed from SpanishBorrowedrey
Reynareinan*queen*reinaBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
riberibe(part of the word for serpent)comp.iyolaribeserpent, snake
-rorosfxdesired complement, typically different subjectConfident
roquarokʷaadjdeceaseddifuntoAnomi roquacobueta inihimiroqua cobeta hono nipita echebininco naquenibileqe nihehabe muenoleheco quenema mobicho § When some kin has died or your spouse, have you said I will not eat that which he sowed or of his land which he used to sow, and thus following your superstition, have you given it to another to eat or have you not wanted to eat that which was sowed in an old fieldConf, f1 5.1There are only two examples of this morpheme. The example shows that roqua follows the possessor -mi, but precedes an affix like -co. That is behavior typical of an adjective.
rosariorosarionprop*rosaryBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
ruanruann*cotton fabric*ruanBorrowed
*rucuchiadjpart of the word for tendercomp.cumerucuchi
ruquaruquaRedupunknown redup