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yabajaban1sorcererhechizeroYabamate ysucumate quenequa iyechi nole habema cantela.This is what to be asked of sorcerers and doctorsFor doctors, herbalists, and sorcerersPara medicos, herbolarios, y hechizerosPareja 1613:f148 1.1Chiaba velano chiorobasosiba?Are you a sorcerer (hechizero)?Pareja 1613:f149 1.1Cesario caquenela, motanimano, Christiano, istico [f287] heregeleqe, anoiqùenisibama, etacohabeleta, ibita, tacamichu equetemosonoleqe, yqibota tana minota, yabahebuano, nahebuasta beleqe, hitimano tacamichu iqùisiqe, nacocomanoqere, tana iqiba acoleqe, §Cesario in his history refers to a heretic magician condemned to death, who when they were carrying him to justice, laughed and being close to the fire to be burned, invoked through his magical arts a Demon, who then put out the fire, and then he laughed much more than before.Cesario en su historia refiere, que un hereje Magico condenado à muerte lleuandole à justiciar, se riò, y estando ya cerca del fuego para ser quemado invocò por sus artes magicas al Demonio, luego apagò el fuego, y que se riò mucho mas que antes. Pareja 1627b:f286v-287r 1.1Confident2ceremony, spell?Probable
yabijabin1bonehuesoHachipile uquestanaye yabima ichuquinetiqua nimaca, uquesinoma ubua-hauetila mota bohota mobi cho? (Conf, f130; g2 p. 501)‎‎Did you say and believe that when animals are killed, the bones must not be thrown away or they would not enter the place of killing?Arte, f342.1.6Bone, jointConfidentcomp.yabihomobe tired2fishhookanzueloArte, f34ConfidentyabyMusk HORN. Cr -yapi, OS yapi; Mk la:p-i (yV); Al il-lapihci (H), lapihci 'spoon' (H), K lapi (K); Ct, Cs lapiS, LCt lapiSi (Bu: lapeshe). (MJ lapiS.)comp.yabinicochafishhookyabitari
yabihomojabihomovbe tiredestar fatigadoHapax Legomenoncomp. ofyabi 1bonehomofinish go, end up (in a certain place)
yabinicochajabinikotʃanfishhookanzuelocomp. ofyabibone fishhook*nicocha
yabisajabisa katan1sign and prognostication (with cata)Confident2cursemaldicion3sign, symbol4Passionyabisayabisacatayabuisasp. var.iabisa
yabitarivbe strengthenedcomp. ofyabibone fishhooktaribe strong
yachejatʃe1nold womanmujer mayorConfident2nrespected woman?Tentative3adjgreat, ancient?Tentativeyachasp. var.iachecomp.isayachegrandmother
yachebajatʃebaadj1very large, enormousThe usual word for large is iquo. Yacheba typically describes paradise. syniquo 1Confident2ancient?Tentativeiachebaeyachebasp. var.yachiba
yachechebajatʃetʃebaRedup Adjvery large, enormous
yachibasp. var. ofyachebalarge
yachimalejatʃimalenfraternal twinsmellizosTentative
yafarabajafarabanironhierroHapax Legomenon
yaha1jahahow often
yaha3jaha1cardnumoneConfident2vbe a part of, member ofcfyanhaonly oneyahoiyahaiahayiahasp. var.yahàcomp.yahangalaelevenyahosobring together?
yaha2jahaadjnaked, exposedProbablecf-tiyahatihunteryaho
yahàjahàsp. var. ofyaha3one
yahangalajahangalacardnumelevenConfidentyahagalacomp. ofyaha3oneangala1-teen (numeral base)sp. var.yangalaTawasa toomayaúkfa
yaharojaharov1move, walkProbable2walkyahorosp. var.yahora
yahatijahatinhuntercazadorArte, f33synbalisibacomp. ofbali-sibaConfidentcf-tiyaha2naked, exposed