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pabiropabirovspin? make clothes?Tentative
pacapakav1heal, blesscurar, bendecirObispo manacu taeyo timosota tanapacata nachocorisota olioma silima ibisota istanimano. These words that the priest says here, the Lord Bishop orders and confirms them on the forehead:Estas palabras que aqui dize el Sacerdote. El Señor Obispo las mnda, y confirma en la frente.1612 Bap 5.2Acueyo caremate qebanta hiquinemano honihe ebenonihioqe hachaquenisti mantaniqeta canahaue niyenabalunucaarema nihiomita nasonema Sacramento minecota areconemano ysamolota anolenoma ofuenoma ninapacasta ninachocorisonolehaue mantemano Confirmacionima nante.de otros mucho me proveistes; para que assi como eran muchas mis necessidades y dolencias; assi fuessen muchas vuestras medecinas y remedios. Un sacramento ordenastes, para que de nuevo me reengendrasse.First Ca 8.1Quenele honihete Diosi vtina nemoqua mimate anochicobacarema sanctos Apostolos San Pedro, San Pablo mate heca ysomile Sancta Madre Iglesia Catholica, quenemaqualeqe, caqi Sacramentoma chihecaba chieyasisobota chinapacasibota, chynanycotosisobole † Dios Itimi visama. Well on behalf of God Almighty, and the Blessed Apostles - Saint Peter and Saint Paul, and our Holy Mother Church, I ye wed, and this Sacramento between you I confirm. In the Name of the Father. & c.Pues yo de parte de Dios todo poderoso, y de los Bienauenturados Apostoles San Pedro, y San Pablo, y de nuestra Sancta Madre Iglesia, os desposo, y este Sacramento entre vosotros confirmo. En el nombre del Padre. &c.1612 Bap 9.1que nemaqualeqe, caqi Sacramentoma chihecaba chieyasisobota chinapacasibota, chynanycotosisobole. Lit:On behalf of this, I marry you and confirm the sacrament for you.Conf, f2 1.2Precise gloss is slightly uncertain, but the word describes a beneficial result of baptism, confirmation, marriage, and confession. It is often paired with the word chocoriso 'save'.Probable2join?
*pacapakan(part of the word 'street')comp.hicapacastreethican
pacanihipakanihivforget, neglectTentativecfpacanihinopacanihe
pacanihinopakanihinonneglecteddescuidadoArte, f34Probably pacanihi+-no; pluralized in the example with -careConfidentcfpacanihi
pacanopakano1adjsingle, unmarriedsolteroConfident2quanteachacanopacapacanoquacomp ofpakanokʷasp. var.pacanoqna1ordnumsecond2adjmiddle
pacanoqnapakanoknasp. var. ofpacanoquasecond middlecomp ofpacano
pacanoquapakanokʷa1ordnumsecond2adjmiddlesp. var.pacanoqnacomp ofpacanosingle
pacaropakarovunknown verbTentative
pachapatʃa1adjoldviejopaha pachaold housecasa viejaArte f36Probable2fast?Tentative
pachipatʃindovepaloma1.6.1.2BirdCf Choctaw pachi 'pigeon'; Cr paci, OS paci, Mk pac-i, A/K paci. cfoue
pacupakuv1close (the mouth, the eye)cerrar... minehitima nayutusuta qu eny heromanda alifotelahacu tanaquosono letanimanacu minenacu mucu pacutanima isticonebeleca, vna chiconamosileqe ene hauetileta nasotela ...and this sin is so abominable that according to important authors the Devil who incites this sin and orders it as the enemy of chastity, honesty, and cleanliness, and lover of all "torpeza", with all this, at the time of commiting it, he closes his eyes so as not to see something so ugly and abominable.y es tan abominable este pecado que segun graves Autores el Demonio que incita este pecado y lo procura como enemigo de la castidad, honestidad, y limpieza y amador de todo torpeza con todo esso al tiempo del cometerle se tapa los ojos por no ver tal a surdo y torpeza.Lit:The devil incites it and wants it, but when it is done, he closes his eyes [because] it is a great sin and he does not want to see it.Conf, f1 2.1Caqi Sacramento naorobininomano hytima nipita pacusta §From this sacred confession, the mouth of the devil is closedConf, f3 1.1nipita pacustela Diosi mucuquama naquenele§ Lit:to close the mouth before GodConf, f5 1.2Ona nipita pacusinihauela naquentema§ Lit:the mouths will be closedConf, f5 1.8Confident2be closed (of hands)3cover (ears)pacus
pacupakuvbe included?Tentative
pacusivclose (the hands)The causative is pacusiso, which seems to show than the final -si is not the normal applicative. (Because the applicative follows -so causative.) But there is also a verb pacu 'be closed', so the relationship between the two stems is puzzling.
*pafilesp. var. of*patafi
pahapahanhousecasaPahanica, arecotanicala.We make our house.Arte f20syntiqenoConfidentcomp.abopahacorn cribabonArapahaaranpropiqilaba pahaiqilabansicali abo pahaoyster bed, oyster pilesicalinulepahawombulenAlapahacomp.npropName of a river and early villagepaha hobacomp.paha hobanempty house?pahamitocomp ofsp. var.paha mitovbecome the house of Trinidad, monoma tapahamitotela naquentaqe. It becomes the house of the so-called Trinity... it the temple and habitation of the most holy Trinity
paha eyapaha ejanpeople of your housegente de tu casa... paha eyamate ocotomo hero mane hebuasi buota ininotera chiqe nainta equela na hurusumita mosotema bohota Dios hobuasota ysotele manino natolobuosonta nanasotela ona quenema fiestama nayalesta santificalesta caniqueniha mantela....and who makes those in his house go to hear it, and he who rests, and takes delight in holy works, shows the faith and love that he has for God...y haze yr a los de su casa a oyrla, y el que las huelga, y gasta en sanctas obras, muestra la fe y amor que tiene a Dios.1612 Cat 2.1Siqisononco ynibatelesiro mantaqe quoneti quani masibintimate paha eiamanamastanimo satilenima chanimantela.You repent for not having corrected your children and those other that are in your house when they they spoke glibly.Pesate de no haver corregido a tus hijos y a los demas que estan en tu casa quando hazen desembolturas.Conf, f1 1.1Occurs in two passages which talk about moral responsibility for those living in the addressee's house.Probablepaha eia
paha hobapaha hobanempty house?comp. ofpahahouse
paha mitosp. var. ofpahamitocomp ofpahamito