Timucua - English


aguabenditaagʷabenditan*holy water*agua benditaBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
ahanayeahanajenoakrobleHuri melaso habueleta naye atuluma mareca ahanaye quranoma marecaquene nachicalisota paluta nayoco eyaso yaquilaco eyasoquosta elota nabue chasota aya pahama ta iribosono lehabe mobicho?To go hunting deer and to burn a pile of straw to hunt them, have you made six arrows and six splinters of oak, and mixing a yaquila all between a woven cloth, and singing all night, and then you will go hunting and that you will catch many, have you said this?Conf, f1 1.1Probablecomp. ofahànoacornayetree, wood
ahànoahànonacornProbablecomp.ahanayearrow oak
aharoaharovopen (the mouth)sp. var.ayaro
ahatocaahatokanbridgepuenteCaqi equelete, chi orobiniponta pono habele ponota orobinino ysticoso hanimano ahatocama mihanima..Today she will come to confess to you and will make a bad confession and when she comes to the bridge...Conf, f2 1.3Confident
ahelaahelansome type of property, possibly a type of canoe?Probable
ahoahov1expose, revealexponer, revelar, descubrirnate hosinibichica?Did you consent to expose each other?Conf, f215Confident2open?Tentativehocomp.ahoteletell, boast about lie (tell an untruth) prognosticate by (animals)?ahotelesotell, boast about lie (tell an untruth) prognosticate by (animals)?ahotelesotell, boast about lie (tell an untruth) prognosticate by (animals)?
ahoniahonivbe obedient?Tentative
ahonoahononchildniñoAhono nia. My daughter.1612 Baptism f56r-60rConfidentcomp.ahono niadaughterahono viroson
ahono niaahono niandaughterhijaEL Padre y madre dizen a su Hijo, chirico viro, y a la Hija, chiriconia y ahono viro ahononia. ¶ Word of relationship that men and women use indifferently. The father and mother say to their son, chirico viro, and to the daughter, chiriconia and ahono viro ahononia. ¶ VOCABLOS DE PARENtesco, que indiferentemente vsan varones y mugeres. EL Padre y madre dizen a su Hijo, chirico viro, y a la Hija, chiriconia y ahono viro ahononia. 1612 Bap ofahonochildniawoman
ahono viroahono bironsonhijo4.1.9KinshipConfidentcomp. ofahonochildviromale, husband
ahosiahosivonly (doing it only to this one)Confidentajosahòsiahosisp. var.hosi
ahoteleahotelevtell, boast aboutdecirAndaqua inino isticolebinco cume echeta nacupanamita ano eyomate naahodelesimita isaco manta oro oramobicho?Have you delighted in past sins, remembering about them and even taking the liberty to tell them to others?Conf, f2 1:1Ano hutasininotico vtasininicala mota anoco ahotele sibicho?As dicho anduve con la tal persona mintiendo en ello?Conf, f1 1:1Minecotamano, Caqi, chi ahodeleta tolobosobosiro nimantemano...Son, what I want to say to you...Hijo lo que os quiero dezir ...1627 Cat 1:1Confidentcfahotelesotell, boast about lie (tell an untruth) prognosticate by (animals)?comp. ofahoahodeleahotelecomp. ofahoexpose, reveal open?
ahotelesoahotelesovprognosticate by (animals)?maha nahiabosiro mantetima namucuntema acu Fe muenoma Dios nocomi nabohono lehauema hanta Christianoti vti habaueta mita, nifari abuetilemantema hiqino vohotemate hachipile ahotelesotemate quenema hachibuenocare inemima ine calubuono lehaue yabisacatale manta, bohotemate:and goes among unbelievers, or he that desecrates the church or cross or images of the saints, or any of the other sacred things, or he that believes dreams or signs or birds or fishes, or invokes the Devil and speaks with them in conjuring, he that blasphemes or ... with words or signs or he that grumbles against God or his saints sins against this first commandment to love God over all things1612 Cat 2.3Probablecfahoteletell, boast about lie (tell an untruth) prognosticate by (animals)?comp. ofahoahodeleahotelecomp. ofahoexpose, reveal open?
aisp. var. ofayioffend
aieaiesp. var. ofeyestreet, roadayetree, wood
ajasp. var. ofaya 1forest
alaalavmake a firehacer lumbreIbirita tacahaba alata hibua bicho?While you were menstruating, did you make a fire apart?‎‎Estando con tu regla has hecho lumbre aparte?Conf, f127Confident
AlapahanpropName of a river and early villageAlso written Atapaha in some early records (George Ransford Fairbanks, History of Florida from its discovery by Ponce de Leon, in 1512 to the close of the Florida War in 1842. Philadelphia: J.P. Lippincott & Co.)comp. ofpahahouse
alicovunknown verb
alihilaalihilasp. var. ofhalifilayouth
alihoalihov1do (habitually)hacer habitualmenteAnoco nacume ecata mucucurata alihobicho?Have you desired someone carnally?Conf, f2 1.1Anoco equete napatabota obachamasta tiparita hue nabopolota quososiro manda alihobicho?Have you physically fondled another person or have you embraced or kissed or held hands with evil intent?Conf, f2 1.1Confident2walkcaminar, andar, pasearAcunate caqua vtima nina ocorauota alihonima ero tuma hapu qehapuchiqe naminoqe heca ninapichiuota niniomibuota crucima napatarabota, isticoconta nihinima naquenela bohotecho?Assi mesmo crees, que por nuestro remedio murio en la Cruz, y que resciuio muerte, y Passion por salvar a nosotros pecadores. Crees lo assi?All of this, that he walked among us for thirty-three years, and he arrived and helped us and aided us and they crucified him and he died in torment, do you believe it is so?First ca 1.1Confident3desire?desearProbable4be:living:inhalihoalisoalifohaliboalihò
Alimacaninpropname of a village on Fort George Island