Timucua - English


Alleluyaallelujainterj*Alleluia*AlleluyaBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
almaalman*soul*almaBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
aloalonunknown small animalanimal pequeño desconocidoOn a list of animals in the creation narrative. Perhaps raccoon, otter, opossum?Probable
aloboalobovdo nothinghacer nadaNamacamacamota alobosono muenomano, hachaquenino masino?What is sloth?Que cosa es pereza?1612 Cat 1.1Neneninoco enenacono, oyoma mucu intanaye quimosima hibaqe chienehela, chi alobotanimano, minete alobotela, hayaro hanayete, minete hayarotela, Atohanayete, minete atotela. Take the image on the mirror, because when one looks oneself on the mirror, then it produces an image of oneself so similar to one that we can't find any differences, Tomad la semejanza de el espejo, porque quando uno se mira a un espejo. Luego produze una Ymagen de si mismo tan semejante a si, que no se puede hallar diferencia alguna, ...Movilla 1635a:f009v-010r 2.2Confident
alobosoalobosovbe lazytener perezaMissaleno ytuhunuquenema chimaste monima alobosota yuri cobicho?When they called you for Mass or Doctrine, have you been lazy or angry?Llamando te para Missa, o la doctrina as tenido pereza as te enojado?Conf, f1 1.1Confidentalobosa
altarialtarin*altar*altarBorrowed from SpanishBorrowedAltari
ama1aman1uncletioCaqui anecosininomano yachi maleco poimaleco conimaleco ebomaleco nibimaleco amamaleco viro amitimalecoco qiemico § [No one may marry]...sister or brother or niece or nephew or aunt or uncle or younger sibling or sonConf, Fi cousinprimo segundoTentative
ama2amanlakelago, lagunaNaqueniqe ibine amapui puimaqui ibitamaqui, fatemaqui, quenela ibine haputila maha ibine yanquama quantela, XXX quimosima, Dios itemano ibine amachumosileqe ibita chietela, Dios qiemima quimosila. So the lake, the spring, and the river are (different?) but they are not three waters; they are one water. In the same way, God the father is like the lake, and the God the son is like the riverMovilla 1635a:f025v-026 3.1Probablesp. var.amo1
amacaamakasp. var. ofAmacacomp.amacahuriname of a Timuca lineage, part of the Apoholaname of a Timuca lineage, part of the Apohola
Amacanpropname of a Timucua lake9.7.2Name of a placesp. var.amaca
amacacon(standard of comparison?)
amacahuriamakahurinname of a Timuca lineage, part of the ApoholaConfidentcomp. ofamacasp. var. ofAmacahuri4entrance to a building
amalaamalan1noose, ropelazo, cuerdaCume yuricota amalacuna echesiro chimanibi?Being angry, have you wished to hang yourself?Conf, f210Confidentcomp.amala cune echehang (by the neck)2clothes?Tentative
amala cune echeamala kune etʃevhang (by the neck)ahorcar, colgar (por el cuello)Confidentcomp. ofamala 1noosecunathroateche 1enter
amaraamaraadjfat, oilaceiteCaqi amaraletema taca eca nomano naqua naqitumotaqe naquana toriricatanima onaquenta caqi Olio consagrado lentemano, ybisonta na Christiano lentechule ...Then so the Christian, because he is annointed with consecrated oil, (will burn faster)Pues assi el Christiano, pues esta vngido con azeite, que es el Olio consagrado, ...1612 Bap 3.3Confidentcomp.amaratacacandle, torchamarataca timeburned out candle/torch
amaratacaamaratakancandle, torchcandela, velaACu amaratacama vquasota na hachicare sinolete michu nucaqitaca carotemaqua tolobosotela ininotera santachique na inta inihemosichiqe na inta halifonoma cara nebeleca habuema ninita nantaque naquenema mine IESV CHRISTO, anocomilenis isiso bontemano ininoteraiaqe naquenino leuileque nahele manino Christiano eyochie nesibuo puenta vquata heca itiyaqe What the burning candle means when they put it in the Baptized person’s hand; the candle itself declares it, which is clarity and light of the good life and holy works. So let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16. And the light and the clarity of the Glory are reached with the aforesaid good works.LO que significa la candela encendida, que le ponen en la mano al baptizado; ella mesma se lo declara, que es la claridad, y luz de la buena vida, y sanctas obras. Sic luceat lux vestra coram hominibus vt videant opera vestra bona, et glorificent, Patrem vestrum qui in coelis est. Math. cap. 5. Y la luz y claridad de la Glorio, que se alcançan con las dichas buenas obras. 1612 Bap 3.1Confidentamaracomp. ofamarafattaca1fire burn
amarataca timeamarataka timenburned out candle/torchvela quemada, antorchaConfidentcomp. ofamarafattaca1fire burntimuextinguished
amarosoamarosovabstain from, fastThis term appears only twice, and must differ in some way from itori, the usual word for 'fast'. It is preceded by the applicative na-. Possibly this verb is transitive, in comparison to the intransitive itori.Tentativecfitori1fast (not eat)
amenameninterj*amen*amenBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
amiroamiroquantall (of a group)todo (de un grupo)chulufi amiroquaall the birdstodos los pajarosArte, f17. Confident
amitaamitan1younger siblinghermano menorAmitaye hutabinco chihutabi?Did someone who had sex with your younger sister have sex with you?‎‎Alguno que aya andado con tu hermana menor conociste?Conf, f1 1.1Confident2brotherhermanoAmitamaleheco yuchaco chihutamobi?O con dos hermanos?Or did both brothers have sex with you?Conf, f1 siblingdial. var.amitiyounger sibling child?comp.amitimalesiblings children?