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acananunknown internal organ, possibly the intestinesnaqueniqe naquana, tapota quechemotaqe vluquacote, acanacote atichicolote, chofacote, quenemano, tapa michubetaqua, napesamita tocala. And [Judas] opened up and split open, and his intestines and soul and liver.... spilled outCatEx, f 2.3This is perhaps the intestines. In the example given, after his suicide, Judas splits open and various internal organs spill out. The Spanish lists the intestines, soul, and liver, but there are four items on the Timucua list. Uluqua and acana seem jointly to correspond to the position of 'intestines' on the Spanish list.Hapax Legomenon
acapunkneerodilla... mine, acapumitonoma, maninoroqema naneqerota pataquilonointa, naituhuntema, §I adore your holy knees, which knelt many times for me on the earth, and were so often tired of walking saludo os venerables rodillas, tantas veces por mi en la tierra hincadas, y tantas veces cansadas en caminar: 1628 Cat 2.3Probable
acarodial. var. ofacaru
acaruvunknown verbTentativedial. var.acaro
acasavrise, float?Tentative
acataakatavgrow?Namaruami ybinema yaijta isotanimano ibinemaqua aiemate asota acatata siqisomita nimate ibinenabama aye asosono etecosonomate ...The fifth virtue or property of water is that with it spring up the sprouts or the shoots of trees, which are planted next to it, ... La quinta virtud o propriedad del agua es, que con ella retoñecen los pinpollos o renueuos de los arboles, que estan plantados junto a ella, ...1612_BAP 5.1Is this verb a synonym of aso 'sprout' or does it express the idea of 'planted near'?Hapax Legomenon
acata uruakata uruvbe lame?comp. ofurusmall
acatalaakatalan1bedcama, asiento, tronoAcatala fano isticosota aruquico, iquine natarabosota chiqe nihibi?By lying badly across the bed and putting your arm on top, have you suffocated the unborn child?Conf, f1 1.1hebanecasibota elota istanimano acatalamahanta yribota mihala hicama parifota honihe ininona areconta quosohanano yniheti ininona ysticoma nantema, na arecontaquere atichicolona homanista hubasoremaqehanano IESU Christo. I will rise up and go about the city. I will turn and go around my conscience, examining it for sin and I will find him who my soul loves, who is JESUS Christ.Levantarme he y andate al derredo de la ciudad ? dare vuelta y rodeare mi concienia examinandola de los peccados y buscare al que ama mi anima que es JESU Christo su esposoConf, f1 1.7Confident2seat, throneasiento, tronoConfident
acatalacaakatalakavunknown verbThe references seem to be talking about residing in heaven.Tentativeacatalaco
achaqueneatʃakʷenesp. var. ofhachaqueniwhy do what
achemòtanone of the seasons, probably summerAcu, cume arecono lehaue yoquama, caqi elama, equelareqe tocota, naparifonomima, equela, naysaqitequa, eroreqema, arecotela, asoma, arecoqe, Achemòtaleqe, Aqibalèqe, ychiraleqe, equelareqe, arecoqe...El Sol causa los dias, y los quatro tiempos del año, que son, Primauera, Verano, Otoño, y Imbierno.Another thing you must understand is that the sun comes out each day and its rotation divides the day and makes each year. It makes flowers and it makes achemota, aqiba, and winter and each day.1627 Cat 1.1This word appears only once, in a list of the seasons. However the Timucua text only mentions three seasons, so it is not clear how this corresponds to English or Spanish seasons.Tentativesp. var.achemota
achicoatʃikoquantalltodohachipile achicoall the animalstodos los animalesArte, f17 'all'vtichucu achicoma yperuqua habeleta, and in order to destroy all the earth, 1627 Cat 1.9Confident
achitiloatʃitilonarms (weapons)armasArte f34Given in a word list in the Arte, but does not appear anywhere in the texts., shootConfident Hapax Leg.
achitofeln*Achitofel (Biblical figure)Borrowed from SpanishBorrowed
achiuenosp. var. ofhachibuenowhat thing
achoatʃosp. var. ofhachowhat
*acoakoadjlarge, greatgrandeNot usually found alone, but as a component of several other words.Confidentcomp.chupiacothousandchupicardnumacomacomp.akomaadjgreatacosoder.akosov1unknown verb (gather?)2guide?
acochatiakotʃatiadjproud/haughtysynaneqeticomp. ofanaqe-tianeqeticomp. ofanaqe-tiProbableocochati
acolaakola1advveryArte f.9-10Anoiquiacola.very old personArte f03 5.2hubuasono chinahubuasotana inibitiacola.The love with which I love you is very great or huge El amor con que te amo es muy grande, ò grandissimoArte f04 2.1Confident2adjlargeArte f.9-10Confident3quantmanyConfidentacoleaco
acomaakomaadjgreatcomp. of*acolarge, great