Timucua - English



-babansfxunknown nominal suffixProbable
bacabaka1adjnew, youngTapola bacaqe aya hono tocaco tocoqe uquaca ano misoma hetetileta heqeqere henolehabela motabi cho?Did you forbid to eat of the new maize or other new fruit, before the conjurer has tasted it?El mayz nueuo, o otra fruta nueua, has dicho que no se coma hasta que el hechizero la prueue primero?Conf f18 1.1Tapolobaca qibema ituhusuta hebi cho?Lit:Did you cause prayer over the new corn and (then) did you eat?Conf, f1 2.1Acu niauaca yanqua nate sanctaleta, Obispo Andres, inoseleta hibabila. Lit:A young woman lived as a worker for that holy Bishop Andres.And an adult woman, honest, and as saintly as he was served himserviale en casa una muger madura, honesta, y tan santa como el:MovDoc f 1.2Often seems to modify tapola 'corn'Confident2vbe firm, determined (with cume)Probablesp. var.uaca
bacaraquabakarakʷavmound upArte f11ConfidentbacaraecaMusk HILL (Mk biiki, Al bokko, K banboki 'rolling land', Ct bokko 'slope, hill')
bacasov1strengthen the spirit, consoleThis verb is frequently used with cume 'heart' and it typically refers to the spiritual strength or consolation provided by the sacrament or by the angels.Probable2console
Bacuquancomponent of a town name9.7.2Name of a placeConfident
baharanunknown shape (diamond?)Tentative
bahudial. var. ofbahuru
bahurubahuruvbark, howl?... hachinacachita, bahuruta, efachumota, ichicosinta quosomoqe, ..... and giving howls, they bit each other like dogs...y dando rozes y aullidos se mordian vno à otro como perros...Movilla 1635:175-6 1.12This word only appears once, but its meaning seems fairly clear in context.Confident Hapax Leg.dial. var.bahu
balebale1adjhealthyProbable2adjlivingProbable3adjawakeConfident4vwake (s.o.)Confident
bale balebale balesp. var. ofbalebalestrongly? silent?
balebalebalebaleRedup1strongly?Tentative2silent?Tentativesp. var.bale bale
baletimobaletimovturn, returnvolverAcu anomelabono mucumitonoma baletimota, nenesobonihaue monoma, Diosi isomitonomano, inemi huasobaquana, oso osomosaquana, baleti mota enebontela. When "Turn to us your eyes of mercy" was said, our Lady looked at them with much love and sweetness.Quando se dezia "Vuelva a nosotros tus ojos de misericordia", nuestra Señora los miró á todos con mucho amor y dulzura.Movilla 1635a:f163v-164 2.2Confident
balibalivhuntcazarArte, f33 balisiua 'hunter'Rodolfo Conde monoma, holataleta balino tocota, halifotequa, huquemano inibileqe, huque oyoqua Itimileno itaitaqe Rodolfo holata michu, iyechita "Chabetaco mine?" Rodolfo, Conde de Abspurg, aviendo salido à caça, y lloviendo à grande furia encontrò acaso un Sacerdote, y preguntòle que dõde yba con tantas aguas.Pareja 1627b:f276v-277r 1.1halihilayucha anochicota lesisinibinco fiesta equelan co, hurima balimitamala,one Sunday two male friends left the city to go hunting in the field; one of them had heard the mass, and the other had not.vn Domingo salieron de la ciudad dos moços amigos, para irse al campo à caçar...Movilla 1635a:f189v-191r 1.1Confidentcomp.balisibahunter
baliconprobably some part of the mouth/oral cavityTentative
balisibabalisibanhuntercazadorArte f33synyahatiConfidentcomp. ofbalihunt-sibaAgentNom
balocobalokovunknown verb (be glorified, be rewarded?)Tentativecomp. of-co4suffix on adjectival preds
balu1baluv1livevivirBalunu nanemima oho hauela.It will give him eternal life.1612 Baptism f40r-45vConfidentcomp.balunulife2be delivered (of a baby or game)Probable3be pregnantProbable4free, deliver (from sin)Confident5wake?Tentative6resurrectConfident7be baptizedConfident8curebulubualubaluobualevaluValuvaleualusp. var.bàlubualo
balu2baluvsuffer, pay a penaltysuffrir, pagar una pena o castigoTaymotencono hachibueno balumohabelaThose who miss this will pay a penaltyArte f131Confidentbulu
bàlubàlusp. var. ofbalu1live be delivered be pregnant free, deliver (from sin) wake? resurrect be baptized
balu balubalu balu1Redupcured, healthProbable2adjhealthybalubalu
balunubalununlifevidaOna nimantaqe laputale nohonoleqe habosotequa naquenema buetaleqe balununanemima namino hale.Yes I ask for and want it, and it is my will that it be given to me so that through Him I can have eternal life, then, (But this is eternal life that you may know one God).Si pido, y quiero, y es mi voluntad que se me de para que mediante el pueda consiguir la vida eterna, pues, Hec est autem vita aeterna vt cognoscas vnum Deum. 1612 Baptism f35v-40rConfidentcomp. ofbalu1 1live-no1 1nmlzsp. var.valunu
-bamabamavsfxunknown suffix (assertion?)Probable