Timucua - English


Chamilenpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a placecfchamilisand?
chamitotʃamitovtastegustar, saberProbablecomp. ofchami chamipleasantly?*toverb componentCt. čampoli 'sweet', Cr čamp
chapitʃapin1idolidolProbable2spirit?sp. var.chapì
chapìtʃapìsp. var. ofchapiidol
chapotʃaponunknown fish or water animalAppears on a list of water creatures in the creation narrative1.6.1.5Water animalsConfident
chaqualotʃakʷalovsuffer from (deadly?) illnessOften used in discussions of healing or reviving people from near-death
chaquentʃakʷensp. var. ofhachaqueni1do what which do why when
chaquenetʃakʷenesp. var. ofhachaqueni1do what which do why when
chaqui2tʃakʷistop, enddetener, terminarArte, f5Confident
chaquosotʃakʷosovresist? overcome? fight against?Tentative
charatʃara1adjwritten, embroideredArte, f15Confident2nwriting, letterescribir, cartachara nio-quacourier, letter carrierArte, f15Confident3vpaintedcharocomp.chara nahiabostudentcharanioquamessenger, mail
chara nahiabotʃara nahiabonstudentestudianteProbablechara nahiabacomp. ofcharawritten, embroidered writing, letternahiaboknow
charanioquatʃaraniokʷan1messengermensajeroConfident2mailcorreoConfidentcfniocorun, carrynioquacomp. ofcharawritten, embroidered writing, letternioquacarrier(?) messengerder. ofnioco-qua4
chayotʃajonunknown fish or water animalanimal de agua desconocidoheca, ninapichibota sontela caqi, ibine oyoma, cuyu, inereqeine homama, arecota, vchuco, siacatoco, ytorico chayoco, aquatiro l cunachuaco, chayoco abayco, caracasico, tanitoco, echacaco tococo. He provides us with fish in this water, and finished making the whale, the siacato, the alligator, the chayo, the aquatiro or cunachua, the chayo, the abay, the corvina, the tanito, the mullet, and the toco.1627 Cat 1.3This animal appears on a list of creatures that live in the water. animalsConfident
=chetʃesp. var. of=hacheimper
chebetʃebev1lose:plperder , extraviarConfident2costcftaimamiss, lackchebuachebacomp.cumechebebe disturbed
chebesotʃebesosp. var. ofcheuesorestrain
checatʃekaproyou (pl)
checabatʃekabaproyou (pl)vosotrosProbablechiecabachihecabachecabo
chehelutʃehelunname of a Timucua lineage
cheleremotʃeleremovcomprehend (or a closely related verb of sensation/perception)This verb is used in Satan's description of what will happen to the eyes of Adam and Eve after they eat the apple.