Timucua - English


Chicafayo la Madalenanpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a place
chicalitʃikalivadd, mixanadir, mezclarArte, f11; Arte f127Huri melaso habueleta naye atuluma mareca ahanaye quranoma marecaquene nachicalisota paluta nayoco eyaso yaquilaco eyasoquosta elota nabue chasota aya pahama ta iribosono lehabe mobicho?To go hunting deer and to burn a pile of straw to hunt them, have you made six arrows and six splinters of oak, and mixing a yaquila all between a woven cloth, and singing all night, and then you will go hunting and that you will catch many, have you said this?Conf, f1 1.1Confident
chicasitʃikasivadd, mixadherir, mezclarArte, f11ConfidentMusk PILE UP (Cr cikí:hí: 'pile up', cikhí: 'piled up' (Ma), cikí:heyc-ita / cikaksí:cita 'pile up'; ·H cikakna:ci- 'pile up ínto a cone' (G: tchigaknadshik omiti 'they were piling, heaping up into a cone'); K cikki:ka 'lie in a heap'; Ct cikiha 'thick and close together, like corn or piles of manure' (B: chikihah), Cs cikkibbi 'be in a pile'.)
chicobatʃikoba1nsaintly personpersona santaNa hapumimano anomirica nataloco ninole hauemano santo terachicobacare, vtichucuqua, naenamisticobota ichicotabota mosomonimichu. thirdly, will be the universal trial for the glory of the Saint, those who had been persecuted and maltreated, so they all would seeLo tercero, a de ser el juyzio universal, por gloria de los Santos, porque a los que en el mundo avian sido perseguidos y maltratados, viessen todos Movilla 1635a:f023-025 5.1Confident2adjblessedConfident
chicobotʃikobov1receive as a gift, receive gracerecibir como regalo, recibir la graciaConfident2honor?Tentativedial. var.chicobuo
chicobosotʃikobosov1inquire ofTentative2wonder?3welcome
chicobuodial. var. ofchicoboreceive as a gift, receive grace
chicolotʃikolovbe underneath, belowcomp.atichicolosoul/conscience
chicolota piletʃikolota pilev(make?) tamalmakeArte f34Tentative
chicotaletʃikotalevpart of 'friend'
chietʃiev1honorhonrarOqe care ano inoco chino carela.Those are honored people.Arte, f14Confident2make, preparehacer, prepararArte, f14Confident3make:easy (with torosati)chiachigechicomp.Christiano chieninobaptism
chifalutʃifaluntoadsapo ...nia yaha atichicolo orobotaqe caqi niama yniheti yninominco orobinimitaqe ahominoreqe chifalu nipitamima tocota nuquata homitequa tana homamano yola yquo tanay nibitileta tococomota hibataqe§ ... a woman who confessed herself with a religious man, the companion of whom praying in the Church[at the time], saw that with every sin that [the woman] confessed, some small toads left from her mouth, and in the end he saw that a great serpent came from her mouth, and returned to enter [her mouth]. Conf, 31 Cf. Musk JUMP (1) (Al (H), K (K) coffi 'jump many times', Al cotli, Al (H), K (K) cofotli; Cs cokfanni 'spin around (intr)'.)
chiletʃilevshow humility (with ule)chi
chili chilitʃili tʃiliadjhard?duro?Tentative
chiliquitʃilikʷiv1water, irrigateProbable2put water onsp. var.chiliqùi
chiliqùisp. var. ofchiliquiwater, irrigate
chinitʃinin1nosenarizNacheqetamima chinico ni pino niheri mosinanipita vqueta nainihe ti inibinco, Diosimano natemanista melabo nihaue nasonola. La tercera, en los oydos, pidiendo a Dios por su pijssima misericordia, le perdone todo lo que aya peccado por el oyr. [109v] Third, one annoints the ears, for all the evil words that it has heard1612 Cat 1.7[050] ACutiqileqe chinileqe quenema halu ibisota, hachicaresino letemano mine Iesu Christo, mucutoloma tusamota nahepata chieta mucuma nayuisota ivalunimichu norobisimita nasono, §The ears and nostrils of the baptized are touched with saliva, as in the example of the blind man whom Jesus Christ our Redeemer cured by putting mud made with his saliva on the man’s eyes; LAS orejas, y narizes le tocan con saliva, por exemplo del ciego que IESV CHRISTO Nuestro Redemptor sanò, puniendole el lodo en los ojos echò con su saliba, Then one annoints the ears and nose with saliva like in the ceremonies of the Lord, Jesus Christ; he prepared and put mud on the blind man; he annointed the eyes and cured them and the man was made happy; the bathing, this was finished in the Siloe pool in the same way a person is renewed in the baptism for becoming a Christian.Pareja 1612b:21r-25 chini yhiribota nahita, sicurimosico, turibamosico, anopiracaya, mosico, yquasibamosico, nayomosico, §and some have a beak that stands, like the stork and the turiba and the Indian chicken and the yquasiba and the nayo.Pareja 1627a:f027r-29r 2.3
Chiniscanpropname of a Timucua settlement9.7.2Name of a place
chiotʃionflowerflorQueniqe santa MARIA hicamima aruquilenima Nazareth monoleqe chio teracocoma oso piateno, nanibisota muenoletela. The city where this annunciation took place (the city of the Virgin) is called Nazareth, which means flower.La Ciudad donde ƒue hecha esta embaxada, (pueblo de la Virgen) se llama Nazareth, que quiere dezir ƒlor, 1627 Cat 1.1Confidentsp. var.chiyo
chiolotʃiolonsweet flower, balsambalsam
chipasotʃipasovinjureherirNaquenemano caqi abotima ysino toomama naquosota acu anoco abotonomate, chipasonomate napalucusunumate, anona, caiuqita, mucu, namahatota naiuricosinta nima nate manistetileta, mosotema caqi mandacumelenoma na emoqua ecata, na iniheti intela.El que apalea, o hiere, o amonaça, o injuria o afrenta o a su offensor, no perdona, o da consejo para qualquiera desacato, pecca contra este mandamiento.1612 Cat 2.1Probable
chiqetʃikenwall? wooden poles in a hut?Tentative
chìqe2tʃìkedial. var. ofichiqirepresent substitute for? take over goods/responsibility ofpair, both omit (telling a sin, secret) all together
chìqe1tʃìkedial. var. ofichiqirepresent substitute for? take over goods/responsibility ofsp. var. ofichiqefoot legpair, both omit (telling a sin, secret) all togethercomp.chiqenosecretsecret