Timucua - English


-e>ae>avsfxagentive before -ma?Tentativea
ea2eaclear, transparent
ea1eaeav1live, dwell (usually plural subject); exist, be seatedhaber, quedarhachipile carema Paraysoma eatelahacu orobisinoma canata enemoheti ayepuqua etecotechulahacu enemo habeleta mucu canamotiacu, §The animals lived in Paradise, but they lack wisdom and will not see; the trees stand but they lack eyes to see.1627 Cat 1.2tuquita eatela, there is a group of peopleArte, f16; Arte f132eatamalaay estan (Ahi están?)Arte, f61uti eatamacaSit down!Asentaos! Arte f132eyamohecoteIt might be that they stay therePodrá ser que se quiera quedar allá o si se queda, mas que se quedeArte f120vArte, f16; Arte f132Confident2marryConfident3perform a ceremonysupplfago be, be locatedeyasp. var.eiabe, act as?
sp. var. ofea1marry perform a ceremony live, dwell exist, be seated live
ea eaea ea1Redupserene? clear-skied?Probable2adjclear (of water)sp. var.eyaeya
eanaeanaadvslowlyArte f139Confident
eanieanivapprove? give dispensation?Tentative
ebaebanleft handmano izquierdaArte, f139 In some passages it seems to appear with ocha, and the combination seems to have a connotation like 'the whole body'Confidenteua
Ebasp. var. ofEvaEve
*ebaebamercy?Tentativecomp.ebahiobe merciful, compassionate
ebacalealeebakalealevburyenterrarArte, f46; for some reason Granberry has this listed as a noun 'bury, inter. Typo in Gr?Confident
ebacaniebakanivwant, preferquererProbableebacanesp. var.ebuacani
ebahioebahiovbe merciful, compassionateebahyocomp. ofhioput*ebamercy?dial. var.ebuahioder.naebahionocompassion, mercy, piety
ebamiebaminwoundProbabledial. var.ebuami
ebamiqiledial. var. ofebamiqili
ebamiqilivverb referring to a kind of misfortunePossibly misery, ugliness?Tentativedial. var.ebamiqile
ebeebevpicked, pulled outretirarse a, extraerArte f15 cogido, arrancadoConfidentsp. var.eue
ebelaebelapostface, front ofItimilenoma ebela, yquima neqerota hybuano mano nacume arecominoleta hauele§ Approaching the face of the priest and appearing before him with words that are prepared from the heartConf, 38 1.2Probablesp. var.ebeleunspec. comp. formebeleca1approach
ebeleebelesp. var. ofebelaface, front of
ebeleca1ebelekavapproachebelacaunspec. comp. form ofebelaface, front of
ebeleca2ebelekaadjmuch, bigThe relationship between the forms with and without initial /n-/ is hard to explain. It does not seem to be the instrumental prefix.Confidentnebelecaebelecanaebelecanehelecaeuelecasp. var.evelecacomp.ebelecasodo to excess?
ebelecasoebelekasovdo to excess?Tentativecomp. ofebeleca2much, big-socaus
ebeno hioebeno hiovbe sickestar enfermoebenocomp. ofhebenodiseasecomp.ebeno hionodisease
ebeno hionoebeno hionondiseaseenfermedadeueno hionoeuenohionocomp. ofebeno hiobe sickcomp. ofhebeno-no1 1nmlz