Timucua - English


hobatinehobatinenname of a Timucua lineage
hochahotʃanswampcienega, cienegalArte, f33synyalu1Confident
hochiehotʃiehotʃiheproyouConfidenthochiochiehochiheHochihesp. var.hechiTawasa hé
hochohotʃov1be lostHachibueno hochoco chi yateta hanimano Iglesia peqeta hache, If you find a lost thing, place it in the church. As lo de poner en la Iglesia, para que su dueño lo conozca, y si no le pareciere dueño darse a pobres o otra obra pia.Conf, f1 1.1Probable2fallder.hochoso
hochopondial. var. ofhochopueno
hochopuenohotʃopʷenovunknown verb (fall? be heavy?)Tentativehochopuendial. var.hochopon
hochosovdropdejar caercharaleqe ichicota halifote qua hochosopuenoqe, ... it [the dove] dropped a paper that it was carrying in its beak... dejò caer vn papel que trahia en el pico... Movilla 1635a:f186r-188r 1.13Confidentder. ofhocho 2fall-socaussp. var.ochoso
hoihoiprtbe satisfied? (in combination with mani 'think')Tentativesp. var.hòy
holaholankind of foodThis is a kind of food which can be eaten during Lent, when meat is forbidden. It is probably a maize product, possibly hominy. This is not the primary word for 'maize, corn', which is tapola, but may be a food derived from maize.cfholaqitinocorn frittertapolamaize corn
holaqitinoholakitinoncorn fritterchurro de maizcfholakind of foodtapolamaize corn
holataholata1vbe chiefser jefe4.6.6.5PoliticsConfident2nchiefjefeAnonaio holata yoqua caremate eiatamalahacunaquimosi nienebobitilaand there were other white chiefs but we also didn't see them like thisTimucua letter4.6.6.5PoliticsConfidentolataholatàholotàsp. var.holota
holo holoRedupunknown redup
holocotoholokoto1nunknown noun (cave?)Tentative2adjhollow
holotaholotasp. var. ofholatabe chief chief
holotimoholotimovunknown verb
homanihomanivloveamarNanacu homanisita vhasota nabosota cobuosota mine Iesu Christoma Iglesiama cumelestanima qui mosota mohabela.Lovingly and wisely, as Christ is with the church.Amorosa y cuerdamente como Christo con la Iglesia.Arte f42 hòmani 'dear, beloved'; This verb is always followed by -si in my corpus, so possibly that is a part of the stem, rather than a separate causative or malefactive.Confidenthomanihemanihòmanihómani
homihomivunknown verb
homohomov1finishterminar, finalizar, acabarTapola nihomotela.A se me acabó el maiz.Arte f13 2:1Confident2go, end up (in a certain place)parar,finalizarArte f132 homo 'bamanos' homa 'acabose o acabaronse?'Confidenthobohomahosp. var.omoTawasa âssick-hóomah 'full moon'comp.yabihomobe tired
honihe2honiheproIyoConfidenthoniehonihenohohonidial. var.holove (with mani)Tawasa oū
honihe1honihe1intendingNihitaruqe honihe holatalesiro manibi cho?Did you desire the chief's death to succeed him?f185; g3 1:1Probable2searching, seeking
honohono1nfoodcomidaConfidentaya honofruit2veat?comerTentativeHonosp. var.ono
hono pochasp. var. ofhonopochaseed
hono ulenfruitfrutahono vle