Timucua - English


iqueni2nmilklechesp. var.yqùine
iqueni1ikʷeniv1kill matar, asesinarArte f5 gives iqui, but my texts always have a following -nConfident2defeatderrotar, vencerArte f5 gives iqui, but my texts always have a following -nConfidentiqueneiquenyqueniyquenyqeniiqùensp. var.iqùeniCf. Ct, CS abi; Al, K ibicomp.taiqueniabort
iqùeniikʷènisp. var. ofiqueni1kill defeat
iqui3ikʷivapproachProbableyquisp. var.yqùi
iqui2ikʷiv1finishacabar"yqùi significa matar, o apagar, y yqi significa subir, retorcer, o reir" [Pareja 1612:176]yqùi means 'kill' or 'extinguish', and yqi means 'go up, twist,' or 'laugh'Arte f114vConfident2extinguishapagar3killmatarsp. var.iqùiyqùi
iqui1ikʷiadjoldviejochara, iqui.Old book, or old paper, or any other old or ancient or aged thing. ‎Arte f036sp. var.equiConfidentyqui
iqùiikʷìsp. var. ofiqui2finish
iquilonoikʷilononin-law (not related)sp. var.yquilonounspec. var.yquilono
iquimiikʷimi1vpunish2vbe (s.o.'s) faultConfident3vbe for (s.o.'s) benefit4due toiquimeyquimiyquiiqimiquimiiqimasp. var.iqùimi
iqùimiikʷìmisp. var. ofiquimipunish be (s.o.'s) fault be for (s.o.'s) benefit due to
iquiniikʷinin1breast, motherpecho, madreiquine ucusugive it the breast \ dale de mamarArte f130Confident2wet nurse(?)Tentative3breastmilkyquineyquynesp. var.iquenekill/abort?yquìneyqùineYquyne
iquitiikʷitin1confusion, embarrassmentconfusión, vergüenza2embarrasmentyquiti
iquitimoikʷitimov1be:insultedThis is most frequently used with a causative suffixConfident2be confusedConfident3be ashamedConfidentcfisisorebuke argue with insult warn?Yquitimoyquitimoyquitimaicuitimoyqùitimocomp. of-timopart of several verbs, meaning unclear (perhaps full of, characterized by)?sp. var.icuitimosoiquitomoyqitimo
iquitoikʷitovask, inquireProbableyquito
iquitomosp. var. ofiquitimoinsult be confusedcomp. of-timo
iquoikʷoadj1largesynyacheba 12mortal (of sin)sp. var.iqùoyqùocomp.nuculahaquoname of Timuca lineage
iqùoikʷòsp. var. ofiquolarge mortal (of sin)
iquobaikʷobaadjlarge; grave (of sins); importantConfidentyquobayquoiquomaiqùobacomp.hicaquobacityhicaquomacity
iquoquaikʷokʷavhonor, praiseyqǔoquaiqûoquaiqǔoqua
iquosoikʷosovhonor, praiseyqǔosocomp. of-socaus applied intensiveiquobalargedial. var.quosomake do thank (with mani)sp. var.yqùoso
iquotisiikʷotisisp. var. ofhyquotisibe thankful, grateful
iriirin1warguerraMilicotaqe iri nabolotele manda bohota mosobi cho?When it was lightening did you forecast war?Conf, f131; gI, p. 12, Confident2enemyenemigoNaquenemano yrimile cabeta maninomate nasina anoqilita, anenamiro mosotaqe nasonola.‎‎Because in all times and places our enemies fight us and pursue us.Porque en todo tiempo y lugar nuestros enemigos nos combaten y persiguen.1612 Cat, f007-008Confidentyrisp. var.yryWAR. Cr hoɬɬi, OS hohɬi:; H hoɬi (S); Al hoɬɬi (H), K hoɬi (K), hoɬa 'enemy (archaic)' (K). [Cf. ENEMY.]