Timucua - English


ihiribosoihiribosovbe equal to?hochiequa, nayhiribososiro, chi maniheleqete, quentetiacu, mandaqere. Surely you do not at all want to be equal to him?1627 Cat 1.4Etymologically, this seems to be 'cause to stand', but in context, it seems to mean 'be equal to'. Consider the examples which talk about Satan's desire to be God's equal.ygiribososp. var.yhiriboso
ihocovcarryllevarConfidentsp. var.yhoco
iholoiholovuproot, transplantdesarraigar, transplantarArte, f11 yholoConfident
ihoto2ihotovunknown verb (come out?)Tentativesp. var.yhoto
ihoto1ihotovperforate, chisel, boreperforar, cincelar, taladrarArte, f50Confidentijotosp. var.yjotoder.na ijotonomaauger
ilaqeilakevbecome night, afternoonhacerse de noche, tardeilaqisohaleit will be night | hasta la nocheArte, f138Confidentylaqisp. var.ylaqiTawasa milté,wah
-ileilevsfxsuffix which precedes some auxiliaries (ma, ba, ha)Confidentlale
ilifoilifovshootflecharChofama pilenoma ibine ichicosa ecatiquani ilifoqi tinibalusihabele mota mosobi cho?‎‎Did you forbid that the liver and lungs of the game should be thrown in cold water to cook them, because you could then shoot no further game?Los higados y bofes del, as dicho no los echeys en agua fria a cozer, que no podre flechar otro?Conf, f130; gI, p. 12, ConfidentCf. Musk DIE
ilotoilotovinjureProbablecfilutuylotosp. var.loto
ilutuilutuvbreak, damage?Used where the Spanish has the phrase 'quebrar..ojo'Tentativecfilotoinjureylutu
imaimavcarry away
imanogiribaimanohiribasp. var. ofhimano giriba
imoimovsuck, treat by suckingymo
impireoimpireoadj*empyrean, heavenly*impireoBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
indulgẽciasp. var. ofIndulgencia*indulgence (remission of punishment)
indulgenciasp. var. ofIndulgencia*indulgence (remission of punishment)
Indulgenciaindulgencian*indulgence (remission of punishment)*indulgenciaBorrowed from SpanishBorrowedsp. var.indulgẽciaindulgencia
ineinen1thing (before an adjective)cosaConfident2individual (with -reqe)yneìnecomp.inenafaramitimisery, pittance
ine nachocorinoine natʃokorinonvirtuevirtudinenachocorino
ine tacubanjusticeinetacubua
ine teraine terangood deed, benefit, virtueaccion buenaConfidentsp. var.ineteratievil deed